Best Coyote Calls: How To Choose One?

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Best coyote calls

What Are Coyote Calls?

A coyote call is a hunting device designed to lure predators and other types of animals such as coyotes, turkey, deer, ducks, geese, moose, elk, wolves, crows, and raccoons. Also known as a game call, this device is programmed to mimic animal noises that can attract the aforementioned predators and animals and hence, makes hunting a lot easier. Typically, these animal sounds and noises are distress calls of the prey or mating calls for the predator you’re hunting. 

Benefits of Using Coyote Calls

If you are a hunter, your goal is to spare no time and effort when hunting your target. And to wrap up a productive hunting game, you get to rely on different types of hunting essentials and devices such as a coyote call or a game call. To give you a much clearer view of how this amazing device works and how it can be useful when you are hunting, you can take note of the following benefits.

Optimized Time and Effort When Hunting

With the use of a coyote call, you can focus more on hunting rather than spending hours waiting or looking for your target. As this device attracts the animal or predator with its programmed animal noises, you will be able to maximize your time in hunting and make it more productive than just trying to guess where you should start or find the best spot for hunting. 

Coyote calls can handle the tedious waiting game and hence, minimizes a lot of guesswork. It can save more time and effort. You just have to be ready at any time and take it down as soon as your target finds its way to you!

Makes Hunting Easier and More Exciting

Whether you gear up with the best hunting knife or you hunt with a recurve bow, all you have to do is execute the call and let the predator or animal come to your hunting spot. There’s no need to hunt for the prey or find the coyotes and track them down. You can just let the coyote call or the device do its job in mimicking noises or distress calls of the prey for the predator you’re hunting. 

While this optimizes your time and effort in hunting, this way of hunting spruces up the game and makes hunting a lot more exciting! Typically, a hunter is reactive every time it stumbles upon a target and just decides on what to do right there and then. In situations like this, you can sometimes end up in a tight spot and become unprepared. When your head goes blank, your target can escape or, much worse, might harm you before you can even catch it. 

With a coyote call, you can be a proactive hunter who doesn’t let your guard down. You can take a survival knife when hunting at the knife, but as you can watch from afar and wait for the predator to come, you can be more cautious with your surroundings and be more prepared for what to do. And when your target finds its way to you, you can be ready to take it down at any time.

Promotes Safe and Discreet Hunting

Hunting in the wild truly is an adventure but can be pretty dangerous when you are not fully equipped. Much better if you have packed your essentials with a hunting backpack with an adjustable strap so you can go around the wild easily. It is definitely no joke. You should always be ready to take your target down when you are looking around. 

A climbing tree stand will up your hunting game so you can easily watch your target. But if you have a coyote call, you can make use of this device and keep yourself distant and discreet while waiting for your target to come around. You can stay hidden while taking a good visual of your target.

Although the activity itself makes you vulnerable to wildlife attacks, you can give yourself a safe hunting position and deviate the predators from where you are while making calls. If you have speakers, you can set them up to a certain spot where you want the coyotes or predators to go around. Therefore, you’ll be ahead of your target and be prepared to take them down right on the spot.

Compact and Portable

As you’ll be in the wild for hours or even the whole day, manufacturers make sure that these calls are compact and portable. You can find units that are also lightweight so you can easily carry them around, especially when you move from one spot to another. Most of these devices come with a handle for portability and ease of use. For a hassle-free setup, there are a lot of units that are also crafted with front legs or a stand that makes them stable at all times.

How Do Coyote Calls Work?

How Do Coyote Calls Work

A coyote call or a game call is a device engineered to mimic animal or prey sounds to lure predators and other types of animals such as coyotes, turkeys, elks, wolves, crows, raccoons, and many more. This hunting device may be electronic or mouth-blown, where each type has significant differences in terms of the price and features.

As mentioned, these items do the job in making calls while you are watching your target from afar. This makes hunting easier and safer without the need to roam around the forest or the wilderness to hunt your target. 

Electronic calls typically come with remote control and speakers. With the use of the remote control, you can activate the device to produce sounds and noises of the prey or animals to attract the predator. With correct timing and vantage point, you can invite coyotes onto the hunting ground.

These sounds may be distress calls like a rabbit in distress, howling sounds, and many more. In this way, you won’t have to make and mimic the sounds on your own and just tire yourself out. However, it also takes practice and proper timing.

Some units also feature programmable options that allow you to choose between animal noises, distress calls, or mating calls to attract the predator you are planning to hunt. Non-programmable calls, on the other hand, work the same but only have limited options. With just one single push on the button, this type of device functions on the dot. 

Pros and Cons of Coyote Calls

Coyote calls are among the useful tools you can try before you head out in the field and go hunting. While it ramps up hunting with its beneficial features, a coyote call also has its share of pitfalls.


You Can Be Distant While Watching Your Target

When you’re using a coyote call, you will be able to keep yourself distant from the target, thereby making hunting a lot easier and safer. You can just set the coyote call near the hunting ground while maintaining a good visual of the coyote or predator and you’re away hidden somewhere safe.

As this hunting device is programmed to produce loud noises, you won’t have to look around and put yourself at risk while getting closer to your target and hunt it down. These devices are strategically engineered to lure coyotes and other predators. Basically, it does the job for you while you wait for the coyote or predator to find its way to you. 

You Don’t Need to Catch and Prepare a Prey

It’ll be a lot easier if you can see prey on long-distance clearly with a thermal scope, especially when you’re hunting at night. You can catch and prepare it for your target, but it may take a lot of work. 

With the use of a coyote call, you won’t have to catch and prepare the prey for your target. The device becomes the prey itself that can attract coyotes or other predators to the hunting ground. 

It features programmable options that can mimic the sounds or noises of particular animals such as distress calls and mating calls. It is safe to say that it can save you from a lot of difficult work and all you need to do is to let the coyotes come around and hunt them down.

Can Save More Time When Hunting

One of the primary advantages of using a coyote call is cutting back from the hours you have to spend when looking around the area to find your target. Apart from the time-consuming search, it can also be exhausting and you might just end up going home with nothing but wasted hours. That’s what coyote calls are made for: to let you have more time to focus on hunting rather than searching for your target.

It is easy to carry around and set up. Most game calls are specially designed to be lightweight and portable. This makes it easier for the hunter to carry the device from one place to another, especially when it is needed to locate the ideal hunting grounds. Some units also come with speakers that you can easily set up to produce louder sounds.

For wireless and hassle-free operation, there are units that include remote controls that allow you to manage the settings according to your preferred sound options. Typically, this layout of settings feature options where you can mark the calls or sounds that you frequently use and add them to your favorites. The remote control will also help you manage the volume, switch between calls, and set up the light or decoy.

Increases Your Chances of Catching Your Target

Coyote calls are all about efficient hunting. Not only do these hunting devices improve productivity for successful huntings, but you can also make yourself more proactive. Whether you’re a pro or just a beginner in this field, these products are not very difficult to use. 

Even when you start from the basic features and work your way to the advanced options, you can easily learn and master how to use the device, especially if you’re working on combining and switching calls. This makes it easier for you to focus on hunting and catch your target.

Pros and Cons of Coyote Calls


Batteries Can Wear Out

This hunting device is highly dependent on batteries, which may wear out after using the device for hours. If you are using rechargeable batteries, you should have a charging port available at all times if you wish to extend the battery life. If they are not rechargeable, it is more convenient to bring extra batteries for backup.

You might want to take note of this if you are using electronic calls with multiple features. More features mean higher battery usage. 

Some Have Limited Sound Options

If you’ve been hunting for years and have considered yourself a pro, you probably prefer products with advanced features. Nowadays, manufacturers offer a vast lineup of game calls that have multiple and programmable sound options. 

However, this may not always be the case as some of the units you may find on the market can only have limited sound options. There are basic units that are usually programmed with 12 calls as the lowest or limited sound options. 

Some of them may not also have the ability to mix and play sounds at once, which most pro hunters find effective for successful hunts. Coyote calls without these features may come at a much lower price, though. But if you are an expert hunter, you probably need to settle with more advanced features.

Can Be Expensive

Probably one of the downsides of these items is the price. Although game calls are not generally expensive, there are units that may come in a hefty price tag, particularly those from well-known brands or those units that have multiple advanced features. Therefore, if you are going to invest in this type of hunting device at a costly price, you should go for the brand or unit that fits your hunting preferences and needs.

Types of Coyote Calls

If you are planning to gear yourself up with a coyote call, this device comes in two different types. Whether you are a beginner in hunting or already a pro, you should take note of these types to determine which features work best with your hunting skills and techniques.


Generally powered by batteries, electronic calls are truly a game-changer. Hunters, especially experienced ones, prefer this type of coyote call over the traditional mouth-blown units because of the vast range of features that make calling a lot easier.

These electronic calls are programmed with multiple presets that allow you to switch between calls and choose which sound or noise best attracts your target. If you’re looking for premium turkey calls, this can also do the job as it has a wide range of sound options. 

Most of these products are integrated with remote control for seamless operation. You can easily switch between calls or mix them up, depending on which sounds you think are effective for the predator you’re targeting. 

However, due to the advanced features and multiple options of this type of device, this may not be ideal for those who are trying out this device for the first time or you’re a beginner in hunting. It is much better to start out with the basic features.


This type of device is somehow self-explanatory. It is a small and portable device that resembles a whistle; only this is typically longer. But the sizes and style may still vary from one brand to another. It does not require any power or batteries. This mouth-blown piece is highly dependent on your voice and volume. So if you need to adjust the loudness, you better work on your vigor and voice!

This is a good device to start with if you’re on a tight budget or you are a beginner in hunting coyotes. There are a few downsides, though, that you have to take note of. Mouth-blown calls don’t make the sounds or calls for you. It takes practice and patience to master the calls and noises you want to make to attract coyotes or other predators. Otherwise, you might end up sounding like a duck or a deer rather than a coyote. Here’s the good news: mouth-blown calls are cost-effective. Yes, they are much cheaper in price. No batteries needed. Maintenance is low-cost.

How to Choose the Best Coyote Calls

How to Choose the Best Coyote Calls

Built-In Decoy

If your calls don’t seem enough to lure your target and hunting seem to go downhill, you might want to up your game, consider that coyote calls with a built-in decoy. You may also find detachable decoys that you can purchase separately if you wish to use one for your device.

If you are not familiar with what decoys are, these look like fluffy toys or fluffballs (pretty much like a cat toy!) that are attached on a motorized wand and they move to attract coyotes. However, these decoys are not limited to such design and you can find other types of this depending on what predator or animal you’re trying to lure out. 

While you can outsmart coyotes and other predators with this, another advantage of using decoys is safer hunting. As it captures the focus of your target, a decoy can divert coyotes, bobcats, and other wild animals away from your hunting position, thereby keeping you safe in your own spot. If your game call has a wide range, you can set up the decoy a hundred yards away from where you are and control it with remote control.

Number of Sounds

The number of sounds of a coyote call or a hunting call may range from a dozen to a hundred options. Do know that these sounds do not refer to a single type of sound or noise but to a series of sounds that can attract coyotes or particular types of animals. 

Some hunters find this a useful feature where they can mix and play different sounds until they find which options are the most effective. However, hunters lure their targets or predators without using multiple sound options. If you are a beginner, you may also start with fewer options for sounds. 


Programmable products could be the ultimate favorite among hunters who prefer devices that offer flexibility. You can download and add sounds to your device and come up with your preferred combinations until you figure out which sound options work best when your hunting coyotes. 

A programmable unit also allows you to switch between sounds or noises easily. However, it can be a bit complicated to use at times. So, if you are using an electronic call for the first time, you might want to skip this for the meantime.

Non-programmable calls, on the other hand, function with a single push of a button. There are no menus or sound options to delve into. It is easy to use and ideal for beginners. But if you’re a pro and you are looking for advanced features, you might find this under your caliber. 

The significant difference between these two types is the price. Programmable items are more expensive than non-programmable units. 


Exceptional durability is a must. If you want to invest for a coyote call, you definitely need a device that can last for years. There’s no doubt you want a coyote call that’s worth your money. You should inspect the material and make sure the parts are intact and the housing is sturdy and not made of flimsy plastic materials. 

However, there are times where you can’t tell right on the spot whether the device is sturdy or not unless you purchase it and try it out for coyote hunting. To 


Coyote Calls Range

This refers to how far you should position your coyote call away from you but close to the hunting ground. There are calls that you can set up 100 to 300 yards away. It may seem a good distance, but you would still be aiming for a 100 or 300-yard shot. That might be too far away. 

When looking for a coyote call, you may consider the aforementioned range to be a good limit as you’ll typically be setting up your call 30 to 50 yards away from you. Many hunters keep their calls closer so they can also aim at the target within their capability. But if you prefer to have the device positioned far from where you are, you can take advantage of this range. 

Single or Multi-Speaker

Choosing between a single or multi-speaker calls depends on the size of the territory you’re going to cover. Multiple speakers would be ideal for large areas or territories as they can produce sounds that are loud enough for the coyotes or other predators to be heard. They also sound more realistic, although the quality may still vary from brand to brand. 

Single speakers, on the other hand, would be an ideal option if you are hunting in smaller areas. They also usually come with an auxiliary port. Do know that setting up multiple speakers in a smaller territory may produce very loud sounds, which won’t be a great idea if you want to attract coyotes. You might just scare them away and also annoy other people living nearby.


The design and color of your coyote call will depend on your preferences. Just make sure that your device should be lightweight, portable, and compact. You will be moving places when hunting, so it is best to stick with a design that you can easily carry around. 

The colors usually come in neutral tones that can easily blend in with nature. You may also consider those calls with camouflage colors or coating to keep your device discreet, especially if you’re using powerful calls.


Brands that have been widely known for their durable and remarkable hunting products can also be your source when you’re on the hunt for hunting essentials and devices, such as coyote calls or electronic game calls. 

If you don’t know where to start or where to find the best product, considering the brand is also a significant factor. These popular and trustworthy brands have established a good reputation in the hunting industry and, therefore, have pioneered technologies and innovative features that make hunting a lot easier. And if you’re in search of your first coyote call or a replacement for your old unit, these brands have a lot in store for you. 


How much you are willing to spend is also an important factor. This type of hunting device is a functional and efficient supplementary tool for hunting coyotes but also an addition to your expenses. 

While you have your preferences and needs, you’d be happy to know that these products are available at a wide range of prices. You can find affordable options that also have similar features like the ones from high-end brands. Make sure to determine which features you really need so you can find the best coyote call within your preferred price bracket.

Features of Coyote Calls

There are overwhelming options on the market and the competition between brands is pretty tight. But every type of coyote call has primary features that can either make or break the device. And if you are looking for the best coyote call that can help you out when hunting, you need to take a closer look at these features jotted below.

Remote Control

Many coyote calls are integrated with remote control. This allows the hunter to manage the settings seamlessly even when the call is positioned on a designated spot. With the use of remote control, you can easily adjust the settings for the volume and switch between different types of sounds or calls. Most of the remote controls are designed with a small screen that you can use to view the settings. 

Some units, moreover, also feature settings that allow you to save your frequently used sound options to favorites. In this way, you can easily access the sounds that you find effective when hunting coyotes. 

There are many remote controls that showcase intuitive buttons or layout of settings, allowing the user to operate the settings and make modifications without any hassle. Some are also crafted with a backlight to make it easy for you to read and modify the settings.

Features of Coyote Calls - Remote Control


Speakers are an integral part of a coyote call. If you want to attract coyotes from distant places, single or multiple speakers would do a great job. These speakers deliver the sounds or noises that will drive the coyotes to the hunting ground, allowing you to hunt your target much easier. 

These speakers, however, should be utilized with extra care. Powerful speakers do not always mean as the ideal device for coyote hunting. You have to modify the volume every now and then, depending on the territory you’re covering. 

As mentioned, too much volume can distract the coyotes rather than lure them. They might get scared and just runoff. And if you are hunting just around your neighborhood, you would also distract your neighbors. 

You might also want to check the quality of the speakers and how they deliver the sound. Distorted calls won’t do any good. You want to settle with high-quality speakers that can provide clear and realistic sounds and hence, this would attract coyotes to your hunting ground. 

Directional speakers, on the other hand, are easy to set up. They are more expensive, though. But if your budget can afford this type of speaker, directing the sounds would also be an easy way to hunt coyotes and lead them to the designated hunting ground.


The sounds are the highlights of coyote calls. These sounds have a massive task to lure coyotes or other predators you’re targeting. Successful hunts rely on proper timing, application, and the right choice of sounds or combination of sounds. 

A coyote call with a dozen of available calls would do just fine, particularly if you’re a beginner and you are using them for the first time. It is also much simpler and easier to modify. However, there are products that are programmed with more than 12 calls and may vary depending on the brand and available features. 

Programmable options usually have 70 or up to hundreds of calls that you can mix and play. While some high-end brands even have thousands of calls, other types are flexible and allow you to download more sounds online and add them to your library. This feature is typically ideal for experts who have been using these items for quite a while. Beginners might find this a bit complicated to use. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable or much cheaper coyote call, it should play at least two calls at the same time. You can consider it a good value for your money. 

How to Use Coyote Calls

How to Use Coyote Calls

It isn’t just about choosing which call or sound to use. You need some strategies to make hunting more productive. To help you out, the following is a step-by-step guide on how you can use a coyote call. 

Step 1 – Make some time for practicing

Using an electronic call is not very difficult, but you can’t also easily get the hang of it on a first try. It takes a lot of time to practice and patience. You need to be familiar with the sounds of the prey that your target is attracted to. Keep yourself in a secluded spot. You may position yourself 30 to 50 yards away from the call.

Step 2 – Pick a spot that will keep you safe and discreet

This is important while getting a good visual of your target. If you’re hunting at night, night vision goggles will help you see in the dark. Coyotes are also wary and they are likely won’t come any closer if they see you. 

Position the call within a decent range; 30 to 50 yards away from your hunting position would be good. You don’t want to set the device too far away from you as you still need to aim at the target and take it down on the spot. 

Even if you want to improve your shot precision with a compound bow or other hunting weapons, you have to work on your distance. If you position the call quite distant from you, 300 yards, for example, and your target approaches the caller, you’ll need to aim at a 300-yard shot. That’s pretty far.

Step 3 – Keep the volume on a moderate level

Do not blast your speakers with loud sounds or noises to attract your target. This does otherwise. When the sounds are too loud, you are distracting your target and you’ll just drive the coyotes away.

Let your calls rest from time to time. Turn it off after a few calls. When the sounds are repetitive, coyotes are smart enough to notice it and will likely not fall for it.

Step 4 – Be always prepared

Before you go hunting, it is a prerequisite to have your weapons ready to keep yourself safe from any attacks and avert any potential dangers from other dangerous predators. Never go hunting without any weapons.

Step 5 – Always take note of your stand time

You can make calls within 15 minutes up to 20 minutes and typically, coyotes come around this time. Some can go up to 30 minutes. If the coyotes don’t show up at a 30-minute mark or any time longer than that, you may need to move to another place. You can also consider making calls again.

Step 6 – Be patient

You need a lot of patience while waiting for your target. It may not always come easy for the first time and sometimes, you might not catch any on your first call. Patience and lots of practice can help you master how to use coyote calls, apply proper timing, and choose the most effective calls for coyote hunting.

Top Brands of Coyote Calls

If it is your first time to use this tool, you are probably wondering which brand or range of features to choose. This is how top brands become a lot useful. 

These are companies or manufacturers that have pioneered innovative technologies for game calls and other types of hunting devices, thereby making them a reliable source for effective and functional devices for your hunting needs. So, if you’re still a bit baffled with your options, you can start with these top brands.


If you’ve been into hunting and game calls for a long time, you probably haven’t missed this popular brand for a wide range of hunting devices. FOXPRO has been in this market industry for 15 years and has been known not only for its flagship products, which are the innovative and remarkable types of game calls, but also with a vast array of hunting accessories, devices, and also apparel. 

To ensure reliable and professional service, FOXPRO has set up the Field Staff program that collaborates with hunters. These hunters from Field Staff do a lot of hard work to learn more about what hunters really need and everything about hunting. They conduct seminars, visit various hunting stores, and also make appearances on Furtakers TV Show (Youtube channel) run by FOXPRO. 

In a nutshell, FOXPRO does a great job in manufacturing functional products that hunters would definitely make use of, such as game calls or coyote calls. While they have pioneered innovative technologies throughout the years to produce effective devices and useful hunting accessories, their constant engagement with hunters makes them more reliable, knowing that this company takes an interest in what hunters really need.


ICOtec offers a vast lineup of high-quality electronic game calls that are engineered with multiple advanced features that can work on different types of animals. These devices are known to be versatile and not limited to coyote hunting. You may also use these game calls as an aid to your wildlife photography or if you want to get rid of invasive birds on your property.

Similar to FOXPRO, ICOtec has also established a Prostaff program that works with different hunters who engage in a variety of activities related to hunting. They have also provided sponsorship to particular hunting groups such as Savage Dog Outdoors and Song Dog Mafia and online shows, namely Mountain Lodge Outdoors.

Primos Hunting

Taking the next spot for popular brands for hunting devices and accessories is Primos Hunting. Established in 1976, Primos Hunting truly is one of the trustworthy brands you can run into when you don’t know where to get your hunting essentials and devices, such as coyote calls. 

Although electronic game calls are not their flagship products, Primos Hunting is among the best manufacturers to produce remarkable and efficient game calls not only for coyotes but also for other kinds of animals. Apart from the game calls for coyotes and other predators or animals in the wild, Primos also offers hunting calls for squirrels and even for owls!

You can also find a wide range of hunting accessories that you can also use together with your game calls device such as hunting decoys and also dog kennels, choke tubes, comfortable and durable hunting boots and other kinds of hunting apparel. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Does More Spending Mean More Quality for Coyote Calls

With a plethora of electronic game calls on the market, the competition between price tags and quality has been quite tough. Some may prefer investing in high-end brands that are pretty costly as they believe that expensive price tags define exceptional quality. They tend to brush off cheaper brands that they think would just last for a year or two or even shorter than that. 

However, when it comes to game calls, spending more does not always define better quality. A lot of manufacturers nowadays offer a lineup of affordable calls that lend advanced features for convenient and efficient calling. Their prices might have marked down but, surprisingly, these affordable units can compete with expensive brands. 

There are available game calls from popular brands such as ICOtec, FOXPRO, and Primos hunting that come with reasonable prices but don’t fall short on the quality and performance. Do know that some units can be pretty pricey because of the additional attachments or accessories.

Do’s and Don’ts With Coyote Calls


  • Make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual on how to set up and use the device properly. 
  • Keep the volume down and not too loud when you are using the coyote call. Loud sounds or noises can spook them and drive them away rather than attract them.
  • Turn the call every once in a while. Coyotes are smart and they can notice if the sound or noise is too repetitive.
  • You may turn the device again after a couple of seconds and minutes and make your calls once more.
  • Determine the proper timing and application when you are making calls for coyotes. This is a learning process, though, but regular practice will help a lot.
  • Set the coyote call up 30 to 50 yards away from you. 
  • Position your call and speakers, if you have any, at a safe spot or a stable surface. 


  • Don’t make calls that are too loud. It will spook the coyotes.
  • Don’t place the device on wet surfaces or near the water. Hunting calls are typically not waterproof or water-resistant. 
  • Don’t forget to put your device away in neat and clean storage. This will keep the device in its top condition and hence, prevent any damages. 
  • Don’t place your hunting call under direct sunlight. 
  • Don’t position the device too far away from you. You still need to aim and shoot the target within your preferred range.
  • Don’t let coyotes get very close to your device. Once they identify what it really is and find out it is just a decoy, they might just run away.

FAQ About Coyote Calls

How long does it take for a coyote to come to a call?

It may vary from time to time, but the average period is typically around 15 minutes. Sometimes, it depends on the hunter if he or she would like to call up to 30 minutes or any time longer than that. However, some hunters prefer to keep their time within this period and don’t make calls longer than 30 minutes. 

If it seems to be taking too long despite numerous calls after 30 minutes or possibly, hours, you might need to work on your strategy. Some consider changing the calls or setup or getting a decoy. You also should not make calls too long, especially if your sounds or noises are going over and over again. Coyotes are smart and they’ll know if it is repetitive. 

How often should you call coyotes?

How often or how long you stay on your stand when calling out actually depends on the hunter. However, it would be a lot better to give yourself 20 to 30 minutes when making calls. If you’re using calls that mimic their favorite prey, they would probably be rushing to you within 5 to 15 minutes and coyotes usually respond around this time.  

What is a good decoy to use with an electronic call?

There are a lot of decoys to use with an electronic call, but the common ones are the decoys that resemble cat toys. They are typically soft and fluffy and pretty much like a coyote tail. You can check out the ones from the brand Primos. They are known for great quality decoys that you can easily attach to your device.

Can you put other call sounds onto the call for different types of hunting?

Yes, you can. Depending on the brand, there are game calls with advanced and programmable features that allow you to download and add different types of call sounds from designated websites. There’s probably a charge for these downloadable sounds. Take note that you can go online and download additional call sounds and not record live sounds of animals or predators.


Coyote calls are useful devices that can ramp up your hunting techniques and skills, thereby increasing your chances of locating your target and taking it down on the spot. While it elevates your skills, a coyote call also promotes safe and discreet hunting. 

These devices offer innovative features that allow you to switch between calls and other sound options. And if you’re looking for the best coyote call for your next hunt, make sure to take note of the significant factors as mentioned above and the proper ways how to use and maintain it.

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