5 Of the Best Compass App For iPhone And iPad

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Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If so, you need a reliable compass! If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you should install a third-party compass app, even if your device already has a built-in compass app. But why? 

Well, third-party compass apps available on the App Store usually offer greater accuracy and more advanced options that can be of great assistance when you are out in the wild. I have tested a few and had a great experience.

Are you ready to find the best app with a compass for iPhone that suits your needs? Let’s go! 

Best Of All: Compass∞ 

Compass infinity app info on app store

This Compass∞ app is one of the best free compass apps I have used on my iPhone. It has been a great companion on my numerous hunting and fishing adventures, even though I own a traditional compass and a great fish finder with GPS. Sometimes, it is simply easier to use my phone than reach for another device.

This smart compass is quite easy to use. The basic version is free, but I recommend purchasing some advanced features, such as Voice Option and Sending of Location, so that you can share your location with others and use it more efficiently. Even if you decide not to pay for the premium version, you can obtain accurate coordinates and altitudes, cardinal directions, and current temperature data

You can use this reliable compass without an Internet connection on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. It is handy for nighttime adventures, too, since it features a flashlight

If you are interested in an accurate, uncomplicated, free compass app, give Compass∞ app a try. However, consider the premium features, too.


  • User-friendly, realistic compass
  • Shows both true north and magnetic north
  • Speedometer with mph, km/hr, and knots formats 
  • Latitude/Longitude display
  • Current temperature and weather forecast
  • Big-letter option for visually impaired
  • Built-in flashlight 


  • Advanced users should purchase the premium version


 iOS 9.0 or later

Best Compass App For Tracking: Commander Compass Go

Commander Compass Go app info page

If you are an off-road enthusiast and you enjoy activities such as tracking, the Commander Compass Go App might be one of the best compass apps for your iPhone. It is very versatile and has tons of helpful features for every situation requiring precise navigation, such as a gyrocompass and GPS receiver. You can also use detailed maps.

In short, Commander Compass is an offline GPS app providing you with everything you need to navigate around. Besides the already mentioned features, it offers a waypoint tracker, coordinate converter, and speedometer and altimeter

You can save your favorite places to navigate back to them with ease whenever you feel like it. They will show on the map too. 

This was my first time using the Sun, Moon, and star finder feature. I liked it, and I think it contributes to the accuracy of this compass app. I also liked that this compass app is fully customizable. You can change color schemes, background designs, buttons, and even the compass north arrow color. It makes it visually pleasing for every user.

The Commander Compass is certainly one of the most accurate digital compass apps you can download from the Apple app store. I would compare it to some of the best hunting and hiking GPS devices I have had the pleasure of using. 


  • Displays detailed GPS info
  • Saves your custom places and waypoints
  • Measures distances and angles
  • Tracks multiple targets simultaneously
  • Allows you to use the position of stars for compass calibration and superior accuracy
  • Enables you to share your location, coordinates, and maps


  • UI customization options can feel a bit overwhelming at first


iOS 12.0 or later

Best iPhone Compass App For Hikers: Altimeter GPS 

Altimeter GPS app info page on app store

If you want a safe hiking tour in an unfamiliar area, you need reliable hiking boots, a few practical hiking apps such as First Aid or Weather Live, and a precise digital compass app. The Altimeter GPS app is a multifunctional iPhone app that features not only a digital compass but also an altimeter, barometer, speedometer, and pedometer. It also has a flashlight if you get stranded during the night.

This compass app shows you your current position and provides all the needed directions. It also delivers useful info such as the current elevation, altitude, and atmospheric pressure. If you are interested in your speed, you can get real-time measurements too. 

When I go hiking, I am most interested in the weather. This compass app offers a two-week forecast or info about the current temperature, humidity, and wind speed. It also shows sunrise and sunset times, so you can easily plan your daytime activities.

The best thing about this versatile app is that it allows you to send out an SOS signal and your real-time coordinates in case of emergency. You can save your favorite locations, too, and go back to them using maps, RADAR, and Augmented Reality. 

The only downside to the Altimeter GPS is that the free version does not offer much, and you’ll have to spend some money to use the most advanced features. However, this is true for most free compass apps. 


  • Easy location tracking. 
  • Uses the current satellite location
  • Hybrid and satellite maps
  • SOS feature
  • Built-in pedometer
  • Digital binocular feature with high-quality zoom
  • Shake to save feature
  • Marked location timer


  • The free version is a rather basic compass app; in-app purchases are necessary for advanced users


iOS 11.0 or later.

Best Paid Compass App For iPhone: Spyglass

Spyglass compass app for iPhone

If you do not mind investing in your outdoor activities, you should consider purchasing a Spyglass compass app. Unlike many free iPhone compass apps, Spyglass offers an array of possibilities, including built-in binoculars or an optical rangefinder.

Calibration using visual landmarks, satellite maps, and the sun, moon, and star positions make this one of the best compass apps for iPhone I have ever used. It is a super accurate tool, as long as you know how to set it up and use it properly. So, take time to learn all its features and don’t feel intimidated by all the options. It took me a while to master all the features, too. 

This compass app for iPhone has so much to offer. It is not just a compass; I would rather say it is one of the best hunting apps. You get a speedometer, inclinometer, angle calculator, coordinate converter, and sextant – all in one. You can calculate the dimensions and distance of any object you encounter or save your waypoints and navigate back to them with ease.

I like the sleek design, inspirational color themes, and functionality of this app. It also takes pictures overlaid with useful GPS, positional, and directional data. I only wish it was add-free.


  • Heads-up display
  • Optical rangefinder for measuring distance in real-time
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enables you to track multiple locations at once
  • Allows you to share your location, coordinates, and maps


  • Annoying adds and steep learning curve


iOS 13.0 or later

Most Detailed Compass App For iPhone: Compass 55. Map & GPS

Compass 55 app info page with working demonstration on maps

I am a sucker for detail, that is why the Compass 55. Map & GPS app has earned a place on my list of best compass apps for iPhone. It offers highly detailed maps and GPS coordinates you can view in six different formats. You can also record the GPS track or convert the coordinates to your liking. It works with both Google and Apple offline maps, too. 

If you want to keep a detailed history of your outdoor adventure, you can use the Compass 55 app to record your tracks. You can even take photos overlaid with GPS coordinates and date and time data. This app can also work as a standalone compass and use magnetic calibration to show you the directions.

The interface is pretty straightforward, even though there is an array of different functions and more offered information compared to numerous other apps. You can plan your route and set the waypoints with ease. Sharing data and locations via Social media is easy too. However, if you prefer a streamlined interface, you might be better off looking into other options.

My favorite feature is the Voice coach. It tells you everything you need to know about your track (distance, duration, current speed, etc.), so there is no need to look at your phone all the time. Unfortunately, even though this is a free compass app, you must pay for this particular feature. 


  • Includes more details and information than many other compass apps
  • Multiple map overlays
  • Topographical map of your current location
  • Enables you to import routes from GPX or CSV files
  • Speedometer with a top and average speed
  • Background mode


  • You need to buy the PRO Pack upgrade to use some of the best features


iOS 12.1 or later


Can I use my iPhone as a compass?

You can use your iPhone as a compass. However, even though your iPhone comes with a compass app, you should consider downloading a third-party app from the Apple app store. These apps usually offer a more accurate compass and some advanced features.

How accurate is Apple compass App?

The Apple compass App is not very accurate in comparison to a good-quality standard compass. Do not worry, though. You can download some of the best iPhone compass apps from the Apple app store if you need a more accurate compass.

Does iPhone compass show true north?

The iPhone compass shows true north. In fact, you can set an iPhone compass app to show either magnetic north or true north. Go to Settings and choose the Compass picker to select between the true north and magnetic north.

What is the most accurate compass App for iPhone?

It is hard to determine the most accurate compass App for iPhone.To do that, you would have to test all of them over some time. I highly recommend the Compass∞, Spyglass, and Commander Compass Go apps.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for today, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! Did you enjoy going through my list? I hope my experience made choosing the best compass app for iPhone or iPad much easier. 

Please share this article and help me help others too. If you are still on the fence, contact me for further assistance.

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  1. Altimeter seems to be a pretty good app!

    I like the functionality that you have baked in!

    May I ask (as I am just sitting here exploring and playing with features), does it have a “dropped popcorn” feature on the maps?

    That is one of the most sought-after features I am interested in with apps like this.

    Also, does it have the ability to cache maps for offline use? This ties right back into the desire for the dropped popcorn trail.

    I would love an expanded day view hour-by-hour weather of the current day selected.


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