Why Is Bass Fishing So Popular Among Anglers? Here’s The Answer!

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Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are the most popular freshwater fish species among anglers in the USA. The main reason bass fishing is so popular is that bass are easy to find and catch with standard fishing equipment and lures. It’s fun too, and you can show off your skills at bass tournaments.

According to the latest National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation,  smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are the most sought freshwater fish species among anglers in the USA. The question is: why is bass fishing so popular? 

There are numerous reasons. The best thing about bass fishing is that anyone can do it. What’s even better, it never gets old. Even the most experienced bass fishermen can always try to break the record or win another tournament. I have been fishing for bass for years, and I still look forward to every bass fishing trip!

Bass fishing is packed with excitement due to how feisty these predators are. So, if you want a worthy opponent and a good fight, try to catch bass! If you are still uncertain whether you should join the army of bass fishing devotees, stay tuned to find out more reasons that go in favor of such a decision. 

Top 9 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Is So Popular

Fisherman holding two big fish in his hands

People love bass fishing! That is why I have been on a mission to find a detailed answer to the burning question: why is bass fishing so popular? I have talked to many anglers, including my dear friend – a rather famous bass fisherman who has won some big tournaments. Here is what I came up with:

Bass Are Easy To Catch

Man taking the catched fish out of the water

Unlike some other game fish, bass are not that hard to catch, especially if you are not aiming for the big fish right away. Even newbies can catch bass, which is what makes bass fishing so appealing. 

You do not need advanced skills to score your first bass. Basic fishing knowledge might not help you win the biggest bass fishing tournament or get you a trophy fish, but it’s usually enough to catch a fish or two of average size. In time and with a bit of practice, you will develop the needed skills to reel in a huge hard-fighting bass too. Be persistent!

To master the basics that all bass anglers need to know, watch the video below:

Bass Fishing Does Not Require Special Fishing Equipment

Fish catching equipment

You do not have to own special equipment for catching bass. Your standard fishing gear will do the job, too. No need to invest in expensive special poles or fancy lures to have a decent chance of catching a bass. 

On the other hand, bass are big and heavy, aggressive fish. They are clever too, and can put up a good fight when they get hooked. Your equipment must endure – that is why it has to be corrosion-resistant, durable, and strong enough to handle the weight of these popular fish

Your rod is the most important piece of bass fishing gear. It must be strong enough to handle the largest largemouth bass you fight, yet sensitive enough to alert you as soon as you get the strike. I use a medium to heavy power, fast action spinning rod to cast accurately and reach every spot. If your goal is to catch bigger bass, you can use a casting rod instead. 

The choice of fishing reel depends on your preferences. There are many options. My advice is to buy a high-quality reel with high capacity since bass fishing often includes long casts and running fish.

You can use mono, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing line depending on your current needs. Braided lines have great strength, while fluorocarbon lines are the least visible in the water.

The following video will help you pick the best rod for bass fishing:

Bass Are Not Picky Eaters

Catched fish holding in hands

North American bass are voracious eaters – this makes them easier to catch, as you can use a plethora of live bait and standard artificial lures. These fun fish feed on smaller fish, minnows, insects, worms, frogs, and even birds, snakes, or mice. They can be cannibalistic too.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass typically do not feed actively during spawning. They are also less keen to eat when the water temperature is lower than 41 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extra Tip:

Try bass fishing after rain. It is an excellent opportunity to catch bass as they get into a feeding frenzy trying to gulp up all the food rain has washed in from the shore. 

To find out which 7 bass lures work all year round, watch the video below:

Bass Are Readily Available

Man holding a big fish in his hands
Image credit: flickr.com

Bass can be found in most freshwater environments. Most often, there is no need to travel far to find them, no matter where you live. It is a common fish that lives in 48 U.S. states. If you are American, you likely live close to a good bass fishing spot.

For instance, if you live in the southeastern United States, you can catch bass fish in most water bodies. So, you do not need to plan your next bass fishing trip long as you will stay close to your home. I recently visited a friend in Canada, and he showed me some great places for bass fishing too. 

Even if bass fish are not native to a particular area, there are bass fisheries working to increase and maintain their population. Stocked fish in non-native fisheries are ideal targets for beginners and kids. My dad taught me bass fishing basics in a stocked lake, too, so I could land my first fish easily and build my confidence.  

Watch the video to find out what are the five best US bass fishing states:

Bass Grow Big

Happy man holding a fish having grip of his hand on the mouth of the fish

Bass get big rather quickly. Most anglers prefer catching large fish – that is part of the reason why bass are so attractive. It is one of the reasons there are so many professional bass anglers, too. They all hope to break the 80-year-old record and catch a bass heavier than 22 pounds and 4 ounces. 

An average largemouth bass (which you are far more likely to catch) is typically about 12 to 20 inches long and up to 5 pounds heavy. Smallmouth bass’s average size is around 12 to 18 inches, and they weigh up to 4 pounds

If you need help catching trophy bass, check out this video:

Bass Are Exciting Fish

Swimming fish visible through the water

The aggressive nature of bass is one of the reasons why bass fishing is so popular. They are easily provoked, making them easier targets than most other freshwater fish. Yet, even though bass are likely to strike at anything that moves, it does not mean you can reel them in easily. You will have to fight hard to get them onto your boat, but that’s what makes it all fun.

To learn how to land a largemouth bass after it gets hooked, watch the video that follows:

Bass Fishing Is Not An Expensive Sport

Bass fishing will not eat your wallet

Freshwater anglers, especially professional anglers, sometimes spend a fortune on their gear. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to be successful at bass fishing. As I have already stated, you do not need fancy fishing rods, baits, or lures – you can use the basic fishing equipment and insects you find near the shoreline. Besides, most lures in your tackle box are good enough for fishing bass, too.

Affordability plays a crucial role in attracting newbies to bass fishing. No one wants to spend a fortune on something they are not sure they will be good at.  

Here is how to fish for bass on a budget:

Bass Fishing Provides You With An Opportunity To Compete

A fishing competition

We all love to catch fish, but the excitement is much greater if we receive a reward for doing it. Everyone dreams of becoming a professional angler or even the most famous bass fisherman. 

Luckily, there are plenty of bass fishing tournaments and competitions organized throughout the year that you can compete in and hopefully win. These tournaments not only raise interest in bass fishing but also inspire newbies to work on their skills.

If you are not interested in competing but want to socialize with other bass anglers, you can join one of many fishing clubs and associations. It will give you the opportunity to exchange opinions and bass fishing tips with people who share the same interests as you. 

Interesting fact: 

Do you know how many bass fishermen there are in the USA? According to the already mentioned U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service report, 35.8 million anglers fished in 2016. There were 29.5 million freshwater anglers. The statistics say 43% of them targeted bass. This means there are whopping 12.7 million bass anglers in the USA!   

Bass Can Make For A Delicious Meal

Delicious looking cooked fish

Bass are very delicious freshwater fish. Be it largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or black sea bass – with a little bit of know-how, you can turn it into a tasty meal! I like crispy deep-fried bass, but there are tons of other recipes worthy of your attention.  

Here is how to deep fry your fish:


How popular is bass fishing?

Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports in the USA. According to statistics, approximately one in every five Americans is an avid angler. About 43% of all freshwater fishing enthusiasts choose to fish bass, which makes this fish species the most popular.

Why do most people catch and release bass?

Most people catch and release bass because they do not want to make a negative impact on bass populations. Some of them believe that every average bass tournament should introduce a catch-weigh-release system (CWR) to help preserve this species healthy.

Are bass good to eat?

Bass are good to eat, even though they might not be to everyone’s taste. These gamefish have tasty, tender white meat and can be prepared in a number of ways. I prefer deep frying.

When did bass become popular?

Bass fishing became popular roughly in the mid-18th century when people started fishing bass for food. Yet, nowadays, this sport is more popular than ever since there is a great number of recreational bass anglers. This sport has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why is bass fishing so addictive?

Bass fishing is so addictive because of the aggressive nature of these fish. Even though bass get hooked easily, reeling them in successfully requires some fishing experience. Besides, there is always a bigger bass to catch!

Final Thoughts

If you have ever wondered why is bass fishing so popular, now you know the answer. It is easy, widely available, and can be done almost anywhere. You do not even need special equipment or bait and lures. Once you advance your skills, you might win one of the many bass competitions or tournaments and become a pro bass fisherman!

If you need my help along the way, you know where to find me. Please share this article, you might inspire someone to try bass fishing!

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