9 Best Surf Fishing Rods – Buyer’s Guide

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Best Surf Fishing Rods 2020 - Buyer's Guide

I know what you’re thinking, how the heck am I supposed to pick a good surf rod when there are so many options out there?

Look, you’re right, there are a ton of competing brands and up and coming products that are filling up your search history. But stop for a moment. We did the research, so you don’t have to.

Surf fishing is a fishing style done in shallow water. It entails wading in the surf or standing on the shore or on a kayak (check premium fishing kayak review) to catch fish.  There are certain species of fish that can be caught from the shore.

Top 5 Surf Fishing Rods (Summary)

Image Product Details  
Okuma's Solaris Surf Fishing... Most Comfortable HandleOkuma’s Solaris
  • Great sensitivity
  • Good and quality design
  • Strong graphite rod
Daiwa Fishing Rod Beefstick Surf Rod... Most DurableDaiwa
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Well-built with upgraded materials
  • Affordable price
Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod... Most SensitiveFiblink
  • Well constructed and aligned to increase the functionality
  • Suitable for a fishing while on a boat
  • Non-slip rubber shrink tube tapered with rear grip tip handle
TICA UGSA11MH2S Surf Spin , MH 11'0' Tica UGSA
  • Fantastic casting distance
  • Non-slip handle
  • Great tip guide
BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod... BERRYPRO
  • Professional design and meets all fishing task
  • Customer service is responsive
  • Comes with a year warranty

For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Surf fishing or shore fishing can be done in sandy beaches, rocky beaches, fishing piers, or rock jetties. It is often done in saltwater, although with a few exceptions. 

Beach casting or surfcasting is the technique used in surf fishing from the beach. Surfcasting is casting a lure or bait at a précised distance to capture fish from the shore. Casting with long fishing rods and from long distances requires a lot of skill and experience.

To be effective in surf fishing, you will need to have full knowledge of these factors:

  • Season
  • Weather
  • Wind,
  • Water temperature, 
  • Moon phase,
  • Tide
  • Other natural conditions
  • The behavior of target fish

Surf fishing is usually done at night and in rough waters. Fishermen have to be mindful of slippery rocks, powerful waves, and unexpected underwater drop-offs to keep safe.

To be successful in surf fishing, you will need to have patience, knowledge, and the right equipment, most notable of which is a fish finding tool and the best surf fishing rod.

9 Best Surf Fishing Rods for 2020

1. Okuma Solaris SS-C-1102H-2

Okuma is a brand that always stands out. A brand that comes from a part of the world that prides itself on its fishing game, the Solaris is a great pick.

This Okuma is a 10-foot two-piece rod. This is the most convenient rod because it meets all the high-build points along with packing good efficiency. The Solaris is an all graphite surf fishing rod. So the actual material passes muster and some.

Handles are essential to a good fishing rod. In the case of the Okuma, the handles are prone to wearing down, sometimes pretty quickly. This happens when you buy an affordable rod. You’ll find that the cheaper options out there might have perfect specs, but some of their parts will be as valuable as the amount you paid.

In terms of overall sensitivity the Solaris is among the best surf fishing rods. What contributes to this? In general, if you have a strong graphite rod paired with flexible composite material – also a great power rating – then sensitivity will be localized at the tip of the rod, and give you a quick signals that a fish is biting down.


  • Super convenient
  • Great sensitivity
  • Good build


  • Rod handle isn’t durable

2. Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

The Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod has true power. Think about it, when you’re shopping for rods that average around 10 feet and need to have great casting distance, what else do you want besides real strength? So, let’s dive straight into the Tica UGSA.

For one, the rod itself is made of very strong graphite. It’s one thing to have casting power, another to have a powerful caster with an even more durable build. What’s perhaps most surprising about the Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is its sensitivity.

Casting power is very important, but it can be a little unsettling for beginners. Ask yourself, how many times have you been on a surf, and if you have plenty of experience, how much casting are you planning on doing? These are essential questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking about picking up a powerhouse surf rod like this.

It’s rare to find a rod this powerful that also has such great sensitivity. What are the last great perks of this guy? Well, the alconite tip guide is very nice. On top of that? The non-slip cork handle makes using such a beast easier for you and your grip.


  • Non-slip handle
  • Great tip guide
  • Fantastic casting distance


  • Pricey
  • Learning curve

3. Penn Battle II

Penn Battle II is outfitted with a spinning fishing reel that is fully made of metal. This combination provides a great amount of sensitivity and makes it easy to catch and reel in large fishes.

The body of the rod, side plate and rotor are all made of high-grade metal. The rod is able to withstand a high amount of weight and continues to function for years without damage or rust.

The reel operates with a Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system that utilizes the sides of the drag washer to provide maximum drag. With instant anti-reverse bearing, the reel stops pullback and allows you to pull out your game easily and quickly.

The spool is placed on a gasket made of rubber that prevents the rod from slipping when it is under pressure. It is designed to show the amount of line remaining with the help of its line capacity rings.


  • Made of high-quality and durable materials
  • Has an anti-reverse mechanism that allows for quick and easy reeling
  • Does not slip under pressure


  • Tip might break during use

4. Okuma Tundra

If you’re looking for a sturdy fishing tool that can catch all fish types, Okuma Tundra will meet your expectations. This is possible thanks to its white color that allows you to detect bites from a reasonable distance, even in low light conditions and the 10 to 30-line weight plus 2 to 8 lure weight that makes it easy to maneuver.

As of the design, this tool is constructed with a glass fiber rod blank and reinforced double footed guides to enhance durability. Medium-heavy power enhances its versatility.

The incorporation of stainless steel makes it easy to perform both heavy and light fishing tasks, while the presence of rubber butt cap allows an angler to work tirelessly without the rod slipping off their hand. Even though this fishing rod is corrosion-resistant, to enjoy it for a longer period, proper maintenance must strictly be adhered to.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty proving how reliable the product is. However, you may have to pay an affordable shipping cost if it mistakenly develops a fault as a result of poor management.


  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Has fiberglass that permits a decent level of sensitivity
  • Considerable length makes it possible for the user to catch distance fishes


  • To return the tool if broke, the user has to pay for the delivery of the new product


BERRYPRO is an outstanding fishing surf tool used by professional fishermen or hobbyists to catch fish in lesser time. This graphite spinning rod is powerful, durable and comes in different sizes. Thus, allowing you to catch fish of different sizes quickly without any hassle.

The 36-ton X-Carbon technology construction of this item makes it powerful with incredible sensitivity.

This fishing rod is equipped with several accessories, including the anti-wear rubber butt cap responsible for keeping you comfortable while fishing.

The high-strength reel seat, high-density EVA grips, non-slip shrink tube, plus the design textured carbon fiber rod surface of this tool give you nice working time. The rod comes with a warranty period of a year.


  • Professional design and meets all fishing task
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Customer service is responsive


  • If not properly maintained when used regularly, it will get weared quickly

6. Fiblink

Specially made for travelers thanks to its lightweight and perfect design, Fiblink is a dual graphite surf rod. Thus, allowing you to choose the suitable rod size according to the fishing location and situation.

This carbon constructed fishing tool has an improved performance action plus increased sensitivity and durability. With this, you’ll be able to catch large fish with ease. Also, the rod is well constructed, making it ideal for boat and non-boat fishermen.

Considering the design, it is manufactured with stainless steel and ceramic to ensure its durability. This helps in minimizing the friction while enhancing sensitivity by transferring vibrations from the line through the guide to the rod and, eventually, to the operator’s hand.

It’s a non-slip rubber shrink tube tapered with rear grip tip handle. This item not only comes with a one-year warranty but also features a money-back guarantee with responsive customer service, making it the go-to choice for fishermen.


  • Sensitive and durable
  • Well constructed and aligned to increase the functionality
  • Suitable for a fishing while on a boat


  • More effort and special care must be taken to maneuver it

7. St. Croix Triumph

Renown for its exclusive bonuses of 4 packs spinning rods equipped with a protective case and exceptional performance, the St. Croix Triumph Surf Rod is the choice for adventuresome surf anglers. It is light in weight and comfortable to lift in no time, thus, allowing you to catch more fish regardless of their size.

This St. Croix rod comes with several accessories, including the hard aluminum-oxide surf guide that helps to complement functionality. Also, the combination of Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hoods, SCII graphite, custom cork tape handle, two coats of flex-coat slow-cure finish and many more gives you a nice fishing experience.

Whether you’re fishing in saltwater, colored or black water and you intend to catch more fish in less time; you’ll surely enjoy your fishing activities using this rod from St. Croix.

The St. Croix Triumph comes with five years warranty during which any slight damage or fault that arises on this tool will be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.


  • Features a pair of 4 packs spinning rods that are equipped with a protective case
  • Has a warranty period of five years
  • Can be used to fish in all water types or colors


  • Weight is a bit heavier than other similar tools

8. Daiwa

Are you an angler looking for an ultra-lightweight surf fish tool built with high-quality materials? Maybe you like catching different fish in fresh or saltwater and you’re in doubt of getting a rugged, long-lasting surf rod, but Daiwa Beefstick will meet your expectations.

It’s specially designed with strong, stainless-steel reel seat hoods and stainless guides to enhance strength and ensure its long-lasting use.

This amazing, 2 pounds rod performs great thanks to its upgraded, super-strong carbon-fiberglass combination blanks.

This fishing rod has the option of casting, spinning, plus boat rod actions, which most anglers crave for to enable diverse fishing. It is pocket-friendly, making it perfect for those with low budget.


  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Price is affordable
  • Well-built with upgraded materials


  • To catch bigger fish, you must be very cautious

9. Tsunami Trophy

Tsunami Trophy is designed to perform heavy-duty tasks in less time. Thus, making it suitable for fishermen who like fishing on the high sea without compromising their comfort. Also, it is light in weight and lasts for a long time.

Similar to most fishing surf rods, this item is constructed with a high-density graphite fiber blank for strength improvement. Also, it is fitted with a light, thin and tough sure-grip cork tape with short EVA caps.

This fishing tool has corrosion-proof graphite plus a stainless-steel cushioned reel seat responsible for its effectiveness and longevity.

In short, if you are a professional or newbie angler that cares less about the price of fishing tools, don’t look further as this item stands out among others.


  • Casts lure at a great distance with little effort
  • Sturdy design and sensitive in action
  • Corrosion proof


  • A bit expensive

What Is a Surf Fishing Rod?

Male fisherman fishing in sunny day on the lake using steel basket bait feeder

Surf rods are used for saltwater fishing. They are designed to catch fish from a distance allowing anglers to reach their targeted fish from the shoreline.

Surf fishing rods can span up to 15 feet in length to allow you to cast over waves and to get into the crashing surf. They are longer than most fishing rods allowing them to be placed on a rod holder ideal for beach casting.

They come with long butts for two-handed casting. They also come with fixed reel seats to establish a secure connection between lures, casting baits and hooked fish and the reel.

Surf rods are made of strong materials to withstand the weight of heavy terminal tackle while throwing. They are also made to withstand landing on tough saltwater species, including sharks, redfish, and stripers. More importantly, surf fish rods should be resistant to salt, abrasion, corrosion, etc.

Surf rods are designed to be used with conventional and large spinning reels for superior casting abilities.

The design of your rod depends on the type of fish you are targeting and the fishing conditions. Surf fishing conditions vary depending on the location; thus, anglers should make it a point to use the right tackle and line weight vis-à-vis the kind of targeted species.

Surf rods are available in one, two, three, four and five-piece surf rods. The most popular is the two-piece type because it is stronger and easier to store.

Pros and Cons of Surf Rods

Pros and Cons of Surf Fishing Rods

Seasoned fishermen who live within close proximity to a saltwater beach would often test his skills from the shore. Surf fishing provides not only an opportunity to acquire and additional fishing method but also offers a lot of excitement.

You need a rod that allows you to cast at long distances from the shore. Using a surf fishing rod comes with its pros and cons.


1. Less Strenuous – It can be tiring to fish because you will need to hold a large rod and fight a lot of fish. Fishing can take its toll on your arms, shoulders, and back. Surf  rods reduces physical fatigue when fishing because you can rest the rod in a device and rest your body. You can keep an eye on the tip of the rod without holding it. You can grab the surf rod when you see any sign of action.

2. Provides the Ability to Catch More Fish – If you are keen on catching more fish, you can use multiple rods and mount them close to each other. With more lures in the water, you increase your chances of catching something. You should, however, be able to watch every rod tip and run to the rod that shows any sign of action. This can be an exciting way to fish from the shore.

3. Provides a Way to Help Others – If you are holding your own rod, you will not be able to help other anglers or you may need to reel in your lure for a few minutes to provide some assistance. When you are using a surf fishing rod, all you need to do is mount your rod to free your hands so you can assist other anglers. 

4. Easy to Use – They allow beginners, kids, adults and even senior citizens to do surf fishing easily. They are user-friendly and convenient to use. Surf rods can easily capture fish. It is best for saltwater fishing.

5. Versatile – Surf rods are available in different sizes and shapes; thus, there is always one that will meet the requirements of a particular fishing condition. Depending on the type of baits and lures used, surf fishing rods can capture big and smaller and smaller fishes.

6. Long Reach – They have a further reach than any other fishing rod. They are available in sizes of between 10 to 14 feet. They come with designs that make it capable of fishing from a large distance.


1. Highly Specialized – There is a specific type of rod for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

2. Requires More Care and Maintenance – Surf rods should be cleaned after each use to prevent corrosion and rusting.

How to Choose the Best Surf Fishing Rod

How to Choose the Best Surf Fishing Rod

Before you go out and buy one of the rods on our list, stop and think: what kind of surf fishing are you trying to do? I mean, sure, there only seems to be one straightforward variety of surf fishing, but it’s important to know which gear will match your fishing style.

To help boil down what you’re looking for, here are the most important aspects to look out for when buying a surf rod.


Surf rods tend to be pretty large. Like, 10-11 feet large. So it’s useful to find something that is big enough, or ideal enough, for you to wield. In other words, if you’re on the shorter side, it’s useful to think about what size of rod is just too much.

Rods for surf fishing are longer than rods used for bank or boat fishing. The longer length is useful for the needed casting distance. The added length also keeps the line safe when it is resting in a PVC holder or sand spike.

Surf rods that are 8 to 10 feet long are ideal for redfish, flounder, pompano and whiting. Rods that are 10 to 13 feet long are ideal for small sharks, bull redfish, big stripers, and jacks.

It is important that you take into consideration your intended species and shore distance when deciding on the length of your surfing rod. It is also best to take into consideration your physical limitations. If you are short, it will be convenient and comfortable to choose a shorter rod.

A ten-foot surfing rod, though is a safe length for multiple species and distances. It is also convenient for any short and tall anglers. A fly rod provides a longer casting distance.

On top of that, when dealing with the size, think about collapsibility. Meaning, can your rod be easily stored? If you’re thinking about buying a surf rod, chances are you’re going to come across large equipment. When buying this stuff, you probably also need a place to store it. Look for rods that are easily taken apart and put back together.


Your surf rod needs to be made of something durable. If you’re someone who plans on using a large piece of fishing equipment, you know that accidents happen. On top of that, the world happens. So look for rods that are meant to last. Rods made out of graphite and other durable composites should be at the top of your list. Which leads us to the next point:

You want also something that can bend without breaking. If you’re at the surf or shore reeling in monster-sized fish, you need to believe in your gear.

For sensitivity, this is key to catching fish altogether. Look for hyper-sensitive gear that is also built to last.


The farther the cast, the better your chances can be of catching fish. Since you’re not on a boat that gives you a step above the fish, you have to look for something with real distance.

It can be a challenging task to choose the best surf fishing rod. There are important variables to consider enabling you to choose the best surf fishing rod suitable for your intended use.

Target Species

It is important to consider what species you intend to target when you go surf fishing. All the features you need in the surf fishing rod you choose are dependent on your target species. You will need different surfing rods specifications for different fish sizes.

Preferred Baits or Lures

If you intend to use live bait, go for a surf rod with a stiff tip and a medium to fast action. This is so because surf fishing usually uses large baits and heavy sinkers. Surf rods with soft tips will bend so much and will, therefore, reduce the hook set and casting distance.

Medium to fast action surf rods is also best for casting lures as the tip can whip smaller lures to longer distances.

Power or Weight

Power or weight ratings are based on the stiffness of the rod (flex per unit of weight). These ratings range from light to heavy. Surf fishing requires a rod with medium to the extra-heavy rating because you will be dealing with more aggressive and larger fighting fish.

Your choice of rod power or weight will depend on the fighting ability of your intended target species and the lures’ weight. Make sure to also choose a matching line because rods with heavier power need heavier lines.

Reel Seats and Handles

These are the most often overlooked features when choosing a rod. The reel seat should ideally be made of graphite, which is a non-corrosive material. Metal alloy reel seats are also good, but they will tend to be corrosive over time. Graphite reel seats are, in most cases, used in higher-end surf rods.

Surf fishing rod handles are quite long and will, therefore, need two-hand casting to launch baits with long distances and over breaking waves. Handles are often made of cork or foam.

Rod Guides

Surf Fishing Rod - Rod Guides

Rod guide layouts depend on where the reel is located on the fishing rod. Rod guides for casting rods and spinning rods are located differently. The location of the rod guides will depend on the type of surf fishing rod you choose.

More expensive, high end rod guides and considered as the gold standard are made of aluminum oxide. You can also opt to choose the ceramic ones which are heavy and thick if you are on a tight budget.

The best rod guides are lightweight. They should also be thin and have the ability to even heat distribution. These features will enable you to have longer casting distances.

Surf Fishing Rod Materials

When choosing fishing rods, it is important that the rod and reel construction is suitable for its intended use. Surf fishing rods are exposed to salt water and other harsh conditions. Saltwater poses many challenges to maintaining a clean, healthy, and efficient fishing rod. It is therefore important to carefully choose the material of your surf fishing rod.

The reel seat (where the reel is mounted) should be made of non-corrosive material. When it comes to handles, the choice boils down to foam or cork. Both materials are non-corrosive, buoyant and lightweight. The choice, therefore, depends on what you find more comfortable.

  • Graphite – Graphite is a premium rod material. Rods made of graphite are considered professionally-graded rods. They are preferred by the more advanced anglers. They fetch higher prices but are more rigid and have more power in fighting fish. Rods made of graphite are more sensitive, making fish pick up baits easier. Graphite is a non-corrosive material making it suitable for saltwater but is a brittle material.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass is a sturdy material. It is strong and heavy. It is also durable and requires very little maintenance making it an ideal option for beginner fishermen. Anglers who go for more aggressive and larger species opt for a fiberglass rod.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid rods are made from a combination of graphite and fiberglass. Anglers who fish in multiple conditions find hybrid rods suitable to their fishing style because of the added power and actions.
Fisherman fixing a fish hook

How to Use and Maintain a Surf Fishing Rod

How to Cast a Surf Fishing Rod

Father and son stretching a fishing rod with fish on the hook

Casting a bait or lure a long distance from the beach can be a challenge. However, if you want to catch fish beyond the breakers, you will need to know how to cast with a surf fishing rod.

You will need a surf fishing rod that is between 8 to 13 feet long, casting or spinning reel with a good quality line.  Here is how to cast a surf finish rod.

Step 1 – Tie a 2-oz sinker on the tip of the line and reel it

Reel the line to the rod, leaving a clearance of about 2-3 feet from the end of the rod. Hold the rod with your left hand close to the bottom of the rod and your right hand a little above the reel.

With your index finger, hold the line towards the rod. Toss the bail over with your left hand and grab the rod. Make sure to hold the line with your right index finger, so it stays in place and does not get off the reel.

Step 2 – Stand at the edge of the water in a sideways position

Position your left foot close to the water. Hold the rod in a vertical position. Plunge the rod away from the water while swinging the sinker up and out of the water. Turn a little bit to the right while swinging the sinker. Turn away from the water.

When the line and sinker are close to a horizontal position, turn towards the water. Pull the rod down with your left hand and, at the same time, push the rod toward the water using your right hand.

Step 3 – Eject the line

While the rod is swinging toward the water, eject the line from your right index finger. Keep the rod in the same direction as the sinker flies toward the water. Toss the bail back and reel it in when the sinker is already in the water.

When casting in deep waters and when there are no rocks and weeds for the bail to get caught, allow some time for the sinker to sink as it gets into the water. This will allow many fish to get caught on the sink.

How to Clean a Surf Fishing Rod

Fisherman fixing a fish hook

A surf fishing rod is going to be exposed to the saltwater, which is extremely corrosive. Grit and sand will also get into the moving parts of the rod.  Clean your surf fish rod after every use to keep it in top shape.

While fishing in saltwater, spray the reels of your rod with fresh water. You can also submerge it in a bucket of fresh water.  Wipe it gently to remove salt build-up.

Step 1 – Clean the outer surface

Soak a piece of cloth in water until it is dripping wet. Hold your reel upright. Wipe the outer surface of the reel. Spray furniture polish on the reel.

Step 2 – Use a toothbrush for corrosion

Brush corrosion off the reel with a toothbrush. Wipe the reel with a clean and dry towel. Clean your surf fishing rod after each use to prevent corrosion from settling in. When corrosion sets in, it can be difficult to get rid of it.

How to Maintain Your Surf Fishing Rod

Fishing rod and bait ready for casting

Most graphite, fiberglass and hybrid surf fishing rods are strong enough to fight a big fish. They are fragile, too, that a nick can be a cause of breakage.

Step 1 – Check the reel seat and guide rings for rust

When fishing, always keep the guides alight to lessen wear and tear on the line. Get rid of nicks in guide rings with sandpaper so the line will not break with a fish on it. Always check the reel seat and guide rings for rust. Use sandpaper to remove rust from the reel seat and replace the guide ring when rust is present.

Step 2 – Use soap and water

Work rod joints with paraffin or candle wax to prevent friction. Clean rod and reel with a cloth and soapy water after every use. Wear gloves to keep oils in your skin from getting into the rod’s cork handle to prevent fast wear.

Step 3 – Store with a loosened drag

Store your reel and rod with a loosened drag to avoid breaking the line. Before storing, remove the line from the reel and rod. Never bang your rod on any hard surface. Make sure to horizontally or vertically mount the rod on its rod rack to prevent curvature or damage while in storage.

Proper maintenance of your fishing rod can extend its life, avoid breaking of the fishing line while in use, and keep it rod in top shape.


Do’s and Don’ts of Surf Fishing Rods


  • Extend the lifespan of your surf fishing rod with proper care and maintenance.
  • Clean rod and reel with soapy water after each use.
  • Cut away the portion of the finish line used.


  • Never store uncleaned rods to prevent corrosion.
  • Never use high high-pressure water to get rid of salt and corrosion.


Surf Fishing Rod FAQs

What’s the best surf fishing rod length?

This truly depends on how you want to cast. If you’re looking to cast further, go for a larger rod. If you want speed and frequency, go for a shorter rod. Also, adjust your buying schema based on what you find possible to wield.

What is rod action and what does it do?

Rod action is pretty simple. It’s the amount that your rod bends. Each action type goes from light, medium, medium-heavy, and so on. This influences where on the rod – from tip to base – it bends.

What is rod power?

Rod power determines how much force is needed to bend the rod. This is a useful trait to look at when buying a surf fishing rod. It predicts what size of fish you can deal with and how strong your rod is overall.

Can you surf fish with a 7-foot rod?

Yes. You can use a 7 to a 9-foot rod to cast in the surf. It is a good enough rod length to target small to medium-sized fish such as sharks and rays.

Does a longer rod cast further?

Yes. A longer rod will cast further. With the same action, power, and lure, an 8-foot rod will cast further than a 7-foot rod. However, if you are using a light lure (1/8 oz), a shorter rod like an ultra-light bass fishing rod will be more manageable than a longer rod. 

Ultra-Light rods are ideal with light lures (1/32 to 3/8 oz) to load quickly and efficiently.

What is the best pound test line for surf fishing?

For most surf fishermen, catching a fish by using a braided fishing line of between 30-40 pounds is a top choice.  It lasts long and can hook a big fish.

What should I bring to surf fishing?

Picture of fisherman holding his fishing with rod with fishing net

Before heading to the beach for surf fishing, make sure to be prepared with the right gear and equipment to ensure an enjoyable surf fishing activity. First off, you will need to prepare your fishing rod and reel for saltwater, casting net, bait and tackle, surf fishing rigs and a bucket for your bait.

Make sure to pack an extra spool of line. You will also need to take along a good quality and strong fly fishing wader and fishing plier with replaceable cutters.

When surf fishing, you should be ready for any weather conditions. Make sure to bring along your rain gear and umbrella. Bring along sunblock, sunglasses and a hat for protection against the harsh rays of the sun. A first aid kit will also be handy just in case you will have cuts while handling your surf fishing rod or while pulling up your catch.

You will need to have a fishing license, too. Being prepared with all the essentials allows you to enjoy surf fishing without any hitches.

How do you cut bait for surf fishing?

Young fisherman fishing using live worms as bait

You will want your bait to be in small pieces so you can better handle your surf fishing rod.  Thus you will usually need to cut your bait into 6 chunks. Place your whole bait on a cutting board. The first thing you need to do is to cut off the fish’s tail. Make a diagonal cut behind the dorsal fin. Do the same thing on the front portion of the dorsal fin, and behind the gill plates.

This will give you 3 big pieces which are still too large for the fish. Split the large pieces (front portion and portion behind the gills) along the backbone to make 6 chunks of bait.

You can also cut the bait into strips by starting to cut behind the gill plates all the way to the backbone and from the backbone to the tail of the fish. This will give you 2 bait strips.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality?

Choosing a good quality rod and reel is key to have fun and success while surf fishing. Similar to everything you buy, you always get what you pay for. Of course, it is not inevitable to sometimes be fooled with overpriced products or cheap deals which are really not deals.

While having a good reel is important, it is the rod that gets bait or lure to your target. In most cases, many anglers think that spending too much (above $100) for a good rod is not practical unless you regularly fish or are willing to meticulously clean and maintain it.

A cheap reel and rod will tend to limit you to fight the fish and even feel the bite. If you are lightweight fishing is what you intend to do, you can opt for a spincast reel with an efficient dragging system.

You can also opt for a lesser-priced reel for fly fishing because it can fish similar to the more expensive reel types. It may, however not be as durable and may not have a smooth drag.

Remember, though, that an expensive rod and reel will not guarantee that you will become a good fisherman. It is, however important equipment and most fishermen perform better with a better tool. If on a tight budget, get a fishing rod and reel combo.

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