12 Top Reasons that You Should Own an Inflatable Paddle Board

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Do you enjoy exercise and staying in shape?

Many people enjoy partaking in activities that challenge them, even while on a vacation.

Paddleboarding is one way to enjoy a family-friendly activity that is also fun and engaging. You might think that paddleboards are expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are the top reasons that you should own an inflatable paddle board for your adventures.

Women on Inflatable Paddle Board

Top Reasons

1. They are Safer than You Thought

Safety is a top concern for many athletic people. You may want to partake in athletic adventures during a vacation, but aren’t looking to put yourself in harm’s way. That’s understandable!

While hard paddle boards are also a safe option, inflatable paddle boards feature less risk of injury. This is especially true if you run into someone or you get hit.

2. Dogs Love Them

Animal lovers can rejoice! Finding activities for both you and your favorite four-legged friend can be difficult. As you’ve likely seen online, dogs love riding on paddle boards. It’s a fantastic way for the two of you to bond.

In fact, inflatable paddle boards are less slippery than hard paddle boards. This provides more stability and balance to your pets. With an inflatable board, you don’t even need to worry about scratching up the surface as you would with a hardboard.

Do you want some tips on how to get your dog on the board? There is a great video that will teach you some tips

3. Lightweight

During vacations, it is normal to spend a good amount of time walking. This is especially true if you are visiting several sites in a day. For those who need to carry their paddle board with them, have a lightweight portable option is the best way to go.

Inflatable paddle boards weigh much less than a hard paddle board and they also deflate. This makes it easy to roll them up and put them right into a pack that can be carried on your back.

4. Take it on a Plane

Getting through airport security isn’t something that most people enjoy. You don’t have to worry when you have a mobile-friendly, inflatable paddle board with you.

A lot of airline carriers will not allow hard paddle boards on a flight, so that is something else you’ll want to check into.

On top of that, you don’t have to check any bags because your inflatable paddle board is going to fit in your carry-on luggage with ease.

5. They Also Take Up Less Space

In addition, to be lightweight and easy to travel with, an inflatable paddle board also takes up less space. This isn’t just important while you are traveling but also for the times that your board is going to sit in your garage.

Because they deflate, you don’t need a rack on the roof of your car. You can fit it anywhere and take it anywhere. Many people who live in apartments or share a space with others find this to be a big benefit.

When you are ready to fold up your inflatable paddle board, check out this video for tips

6. Can Be Used in Different Types of Waters

When traveling with a hard paddle board, you have many things to think about. You don’t want it to get scratched or damaged, so you are more careful what waters you use it in.

That isn’t the case with an inflatable paddle board. You can use it at the beach in the whitewater. You can also use it in other conditions as well. That’s because the board is more resistant to whitewater plus most rocks, twigs and critters aren’t going to hurt it.

7. They are More Resilient

Going hand in hand with the issue above, they are also more resilient. You can manage the tight curves with an inflatable paddle board with ease. This also helps you to move faster.

8. Durability

If you are just learning how to paddleboard, you are going to want something that can be beaten up. Chances are, you will fall at times or run into things. This is also good when paddling in choppy waters or when the weather suddenly changes.

With an inflatable version, you also don’t need to worry about scratches so it is a great board to do your yoga and pilates on.

9. Faster Feel

This isn’t necessarily a scientific reason, but if you speak to other paddleboards, you will find a common consensus. An inflatable paddle board is hollow because there is only air inside. The feeling of this on the water is more direct than with a rigid board.

This allows every ripple to be felt as you paddle over it. Many enthusiasts agree that this offers a lively feel to their sport.

When using a rigid board, the feeling of the water below you is dulled because of the layers of fiberglass and foam core. With a direct connection to the water, you experience a gliding sensation which equals more perceived speed.

10. Cost is Lower

For those who are operating on a budget, inflatable paddle boards are going to be less expensive. This is especially good for a first-time user or a family looking to save more money.

11. Resale Value is Higher

If you get into the position that you need to sell your paddleboard, you’ll get more value out of the inflatable version. They are tougher and stronger which means they last longer. The durability of the board is also a step above a hardboard, so you can expect people to pay more.

12. Other Uses than Paddling

Inflatable paddle boards are just for adventure on the water, they can be used for other purposes as well. Consider using it for an inflatable bed to put in your tent. You could even use it for a makeshift table when you don’t know what else to do. There are many possibilities available to you.

Inflatable Paddle Board Buying Guide

Now that we’ve discussed the “why” to purchasing an inflatable paddle board, it is important to talk about how to find the right one.

1. Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth the Cost?

Inflatables are often overlooked by many customers because they just don’t understand how they are better. Inflatable boards are made from rugged PVC with the top and bottom connected together by drop stitches.

As air is pumped into the board, it takes shape while the fibers keep the board from blowing up like a balloon. The more air pressure; the stiffer the board gets while still maintaining the shape.

When you look at the high-quality construction and all the reasons above that they are superior, you know that purchasing an inflatable paddle board is a great option.

2. What Types of Inflatable Paddle Board Should You Choose?

This is going to depend on what you are using it for. Here’s a quick guide that offers some suggestions on what works best.

  • Beginners – Round inflatable paddle board design is ideal. This is also best for kids.
  • Surfing – Look for a narrow tail with a wide nose. This allows for a smoother, more stable ride while traveling over waves.
  • Yoga – Pick a board that is long, wide and thick. These larger surfaces will give you more stability and also tend to be fitted with anti-slip traction pads.
  • Speed – If you want top speeds, look for a lightweight design that can cut through the water. This won’t have as much stability, so they aren’t often recommended for beginners.
  • Fishing – Ideally, you want as much space as possible to secure your fishing gear.
  • Touring – This type of inflatable paddle board will have better tracking and gliding ability.
  • Kids – Look for the smaller, five to six-foot board. They should also be lightweight, offer shorter paddles and be comfortable to your kid’s size.

As you can see, there is an inflatable paddle board for every use you can imagine. The key is to pick the one that is going to work best for your individual needs.

If you are a beginner user, you might want to check out this video for some helpful paddle board tips for beginners

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an easy to travel with and highly durable paddle board, purchasing an inflatable paddle board is the way to go. Not only are you able to take it anywhere with you, but they are also easy to store.

Many users have found the performance to be superior to that of a fiberglass paddleboard and you are less likely to be hurt when you fall or run into something. Try one out and you’ll become a lover of inflatable paddle boards yourself.

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