What Is A Bass Boat & Why Do You Need One? All You Need To Know

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A bass boat is a specifically designed watercraft that can help you catch more bass and many other types of fish. It is ideal for fishing in shallow, calm waters and around heavy vegetation. If you can afford it- buy it!

Do you enjoy boating and bass fishing? If so, why not get a bass boat? 

Why get wet and tired treading through the water in your rubber boots when you can sit back in your boat and relax? Bass boats guarantee superb comfort and convenience since they are designed for fishing. Besides, they will enable you to cover more water and catch more bass.

So, let’s find out more about bass boats!

What Are Bass Boats & What Makes Them Unique?

Two men riding on a wide bass boat

A bass boat is a specially designed small vessel for bass fishing (usually between 16 feet to 25 feet long). Of course, you can use it to target other fish species too, but it was created with bass in mind, thus its name. 

Even though a bass fishing boat is mostly used in freshwater environments (rivers and lakes), you can use it for saltwater fishing too. Due to its flat bottom with a very shallow draft, a bass boat is ideal for shallow waters

Bass boats glide over the water, guaranteeing a smoother ride. They create less disturbance than powerboats with deep V-shaped hulls which cut through the water. However, the lack of a deep V-hull makes this type of boat hard to control in choppy water.

Bass boats are packed with the equipment you need on the water. As such, they make bass fishing easier. They are usually motorboats with a flat front deck, designated space for bass fishing equipment and tackle, and a live well. Live wells are a perfect addition for tournament bass anglers who want to keep their catch alive and release it after the weigh-ins.

Most bass boats include swivel chairs too. These chairs enable you to rotate as you like and throw your bait in any direction.

What about passenger capacity?

Bass boats are typically smaller and can hold two anglers. However, some bass boat brands offer larger models suited for up to five people, too.

What Propels Bass Boats?

Two men standing on the boat while fishing

When it comes to boat movement, the majority of bass boats offer three options:

  • An outboard motor – for getting to your fishing spot quickly
  • A trolling motor – for slow and quiet movement across the area you are fishing in
  • Oars – in case of motor malfunction or emergency

Modern bass boats typically feature motors that can reach speeds up to 116 mph. However, you are not likely to drive this fast, so it’s better to consider other features rather than top speed.

What Material Are Bass Boats Made Of?

Bass boat with three men on a bass fishing competition
Image credit: flickr.com

In general, anglers have two options when choosing the material for their future bass boat:

  • Aluminum alloy 

Aluminum boats are typically lighter and smaller than those made of fiberglass. They are a more budget-friendly option, as well. 

  • Fiberglass

High-end bass boats made from fiberglass are usually more spacious and house larger outboard motors than their aluminum counterparts. They are easier to handle but more expensive than aluminum bass boats.

To learn more about bass boats, watch the video below:

What Can Bass Boats Be Used For?

A man in front of his fishing boat

Bass boats are designed to enhance your bass fishing experience. They are more effective for targeting bass than other fishing boats, such as Jon boats. On the other hand, some design features, like the low profile and limited seating, make these boats unsuitable for other activities. For example, they can never match a well-outfitted pontoon boat when trolling for walleye.

Again, I must stress that small bass boats are not reserved for bass fishing only. You can use them to pursue other species as well. In general, you can target most freshwater species that live in shallow waters. 

When there is a risk of your outboard getting stuck in the mud, switch to a trolling motor. You’ll also avoid stern looks from other fisherman by quietly moving from one position to another, instead of using a louder boat. 

The bass fishing boat is a life-saver when you want to get close to the shore. Their flat bottoms won’t get caught up in the underwater vegetation, so you can seek the cunning base in areas other boats cannot reach. 

If you are tech-nerd, you might appreciate bass boats for their advanced technology. Namely, most modern bass boats feature numerous high-tech features, from the most innovative lightweight materials to the latest electronics, such as a GPS or a fish finder.

Tips For Bass Boat Owners

A fisherman holding a bass fish on his right hand
Image credit: skeeterboats.com
  • Always register your boat and ensure you abide by all state boating rules and regulations. 
  • Make sure you have boat insurance.
  • Some bass fishing boats offer coolers. Consider this if you like enjoying a cold drink while on the water!
  • Be prepared for the maintenance costs, especially those associated with the engine.
  • Big engines consume a lot of fuel. So, avoid long cruises, there are other boats better suited for that! 

If you want a free bass boat tour, check out the following video:


What is special about a bass boat?

Bass boats are special because of their useful bass fishing features. A typical bass fishing boat offers a large bow area casting deck, starboard console,  high horsepower outboard motor, swivel chair, live well, and special compartments for your bass fishing tackle and equipment. 

Is a bass boat a fishing boat?

A bass boat is a fishing boat designed for bass fishing. Bass boats have low profiles and are usually smaller, sleeker, and less versatile than typical bay boats. Yet, they are an excellent choice for freshwater fishing in shallow water and calm areas. 

How many people can fit on a bass boat?

Most often, two to three people can fit on a bass boat. However, some bass fishing boats offer more space and can carry four or five anglers. Due to their low sides, they are not safe for small children.

Bass Boats – The Long Story Short

Two men on an orange speeding boat
Image credit: trackerboats.com

Bass fishing boats are a hit among bass anglers, but they can be used for most styles of freshwater fishing. Owning one can help you become a better bass angler, too.
So deciding whether or not to buy a bass fishing boat is a no-brainer. If you can afford it – go for it! If you need help, you know where to find me!

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