15 Best Family Ski Resorts in the United States

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Skiing is amazing; nothing beats the thrill and excitement of hitting the slopes at high velocities while wearing your favorite pair of snow pants.

Well, almost nothing beats it because while skiing is great, bringing your whole family along for the ride makes the trip even better.

Ski resorts are some of the most popular attractions in the United States; these provide you with an opportunity to participate in all manner of winter sports and activities. Thanks to them, you can indulge in your favorite sports and sure the whole family can join in as well! After all, the family who skis stays together.

But, how do you find these resorts, what do they offer, and which ones suit my family best? Well, we did the research for you and determined the top 15 ski resorts in the United States for the family.

Best Family Ski Resorts in US

1. Park City Mountain Resort in Utah

We all know children can be impatient, and traveling to a ski resort can often mean lengthy car trips with multiple bathroom/snack breaks in-between. But, if you want to avoid these pratfalls, you should consider visiting Park City Mountain Resort in Utah.

Park City Mountain is a 35 minute ride from the airport in Salt Lake City, and the resort offers numerous amenities for the whole family. Everything from skiing lessons for both children and adult as well as child care options for children of all ages are available in Park City.

As far as skiing or snowboarding goes, you’ll find plenty of variety for enthusiast of any level. Whether you are a beginner, or a pro, you’ll be able to find something that matches your preference and skill level.

Additionally, you’ll find stuff like sleigh rides, ice rinks, and even zip lines in the resort if you don’t feel like skiing. But, you can only witness these in person if you visit Park City Mountain Resort!

2. Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia

You’ll find more to do than just skiing in the Snowshoe Mountain Resort! Not only will you witness the beautiful scenery that only West Virginia can offer, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the most magnificent vistas known throughout the states.

If you’re visiting for the skiing alone, you’ll definitely find some tracks and slopes that suit your skill level, but why focus on just one thing, when you can go tubing down at the Cola-Cola Tube Park?  Did you bring some little ones that aren’t suited for skiing? Well, head on over to the Big Top and you’ll discover a winter wonderland suitable for children of all ages (including adults who are still kids at heart).

Just make sure to take an off-road tour of the slopes in order to make the most out of your trip in this beautiful location.

3. Keystone in Colorado

No self-respecting ski resort list is complete without at least mentioning one of the best and most well-known resorts in the United States, Keystone in Colorado. Right from the start, you’re greeted with the free parking at the base of the resort, where you can find wagons designed to help you bring your gear all the way from where you parked to the lifts.

The Keystone Resort also features numerous restaurants and lodging options, as well as a number of areas where kids can engage in a plethora of activities. Kidtopia is one of the most popular kid spots, and kids who visit this literal playground can find themselves enjoying cookies, building snow forts and even going on scavenger hunts. Truly, your little ones will love Keystone as much as you will, once you’re shredding it in the slopes of Colorado or taking a break at Kidtopia.

4. Squaw Valley in California

California is home to a variety of ski resorts and an untold number of touristy spots; one of the coolest ones (pun intended) has to be Squaw Valley. Back in the 1960’s, Squaw Valley was the home of the Winter Olympics, and to this day it is still one of the most popular ski resorts for the whole family.

Kids will love engaging in the skiing lessons, the ice skating, the tubing down the slopes, and even using the mini snowmobiles in the valley. Parents, on the other hand will enjoy seeing their kids play to their hearts content until they’re all tuckered out.

However, the fun doesn’t stop even after the sun sets; Squaw Valley has over 40 lifts, more than 250 trails, and more! At night, the whole family can enjoy some hot chocolate by the fire, take a dip in one of the eight available outdoor hot tubs, and even enjoy the magnificent view from the balcony at the resort. Finally, for those who love a nice home cooked meal, the place is stocked with a fully operational kitchen!

5. Sun Valley in Indiana

If your kids want to shred like the pro’s and also participate in a variety of activities that are fun for the whole family, then Sun Valley is the place to visit. Offering a variety of classes for either groups or individuals it is one of the best places to learn how to shred like a master.

Of course, for those of you who want to stay, you’ll find a number of different lodgings to suit your needs and budget, everything from cottages to deluxe condos are all available at Sun Valley!

6. Diamond Peak in Nevada

Look, there is no denying that Diamond Peak in Nevada is one of the best ski resorts in the United States. But, just what makes it so special? Well, for starters the numerous awesome trails you’ll find are certain to entice you and your little ones. However, if that’s not enough, then take a gander at all of the other things you can do with the family when you visit Diamond Peak.

Incline Village offers plenty of stuff to do for every single member of your household, for the little ones, the Diamond Peak Child Ski Center is the place to visit. Services at the daycare are offered from morning to evening, and the rules and regulations clearly state that instructors will not manage more than five kids at a time to ensure the safety of everyone in their group.

But, if your kids are a bit older, then they’ll most certainly prefer getting some snowboarding or skiing lessons from the pro’s as well as the opportunity to go tubing, play games, snow shoeing out in the trails, ice skating, and interacting with other kids in their age group.

As a plus, the Child Ski Center will also help you find the appropriate gear for your kids (they perform fitting tests) in order to maximize their fun.

7. Big Sky in Montana

If you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet while you and your family shred the slopes together, then look no further than Big Sky in Montana. Featuring, a beautiful vista that will make you want to snap a thousand pictures, as well as numerous activities for the whole family, it’s certain to please the entire household.

Big Sky is known for not drawing huge crowds, which is a big plus for parents who want to lower their guard a little bit and relax from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. Kids, on the other hand will be busy running and jumping through all of the attractions provided in the resort.

You’ll find zip lining, dog sledding, zip lining tours, and numerous other activities for the whole family, but when the time comes to wind down, you’ll have to the option to choose one of several different types of lodgings. As a plus, all of these will provide easy access to the slopes.

8. Sugarbrush in Vermont

Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find something to love about Sugarbrush! Whether you, go skiing, tubing, and snowboarding at the nearby slopes of Lincoln Peak, Mad River Valley, and even Mount Ellen, or spend a quiet day exploring the nearby woods. You and your family will certainly fall in love with Sugarbrush. Furthermore, with more than 2,500 vertical runs, and over a 100 different trails, you’ll more than likely spend your time in Sugarbrush, shredding like a champ.

In Sugarbrush, you can also find the Adventure Zone, an area filled with toys and games for the whole family. Your kids will love the basketball courts, trampolines, bouncy houses, and more! But if peace and quiet is more of your game then try your hand at some ice fishing, who knows what you’ll catch!

Part of what makes Sugarbrush unique is the amount of peaks that are nearby, ensuring you’ll come back to try out the rest of them at a later time.

9. Arapahoe Basin in Colorado

Both parents and kids will find themselves enjoying the wonder and magic of Arapahoe Basin in Colorado. You’ll find plenty of indoor and outdoor activities at the resort, starting out with the Pika Place Learning Area where you can find the Kids Center all the way to the Black Mountain Express lift.

If your family is new to the winter sports of snowboarding or skiing, you’ll want to enroll them in some private lessons at the Kids Center, where certified instructors will teach them everything from the basics of snow safety and winter sports, down to the more advanced skills as they progress. These classes are small, so make sure you sign up early!

For the rest of the family, you’ll find plenty of slopes to shred, areas to explore, and even a variety of nearby amenities to enjoy!

10. Snow King Mountain Resort in Wyoming

Featuring over 400 acres of pure winter sports freedom and over 30 named runs, you’ll find yourself within a world-class ski when you visit the Snow King Mountain!

A plethora of activities for the whole family that go from nighttime skiing to snow biking, and even some tubular tubing await you at this resort! But, whenever you want a break from all the downhill shredding and skiing, go ride a gondola or two, guaranteed you won’t regret it once you get to see the majestic view from the mountain top.

If you get tired of riding the tram, then go snowshoeing out in the woods for a chance encounter with nature. Who knows, you might find deer or elk, perhaps even rabbits.

Kids will also find themselves engaging in plenty of activities at “The King”, a playground for both children and adults. Here you will find things like the Treetop Adventure, the Cowboy Coaster and even miniature golf.

But, if skiing and the resort become too much to handle for your trip, then you can always visit the nearby National Parks of Grand Teton or Yellowstone.

11. Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania

You’ll certainly find something for the whole family at Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania. Pick from one of the 35 trails available that suits your ski level, and go wild! Your kids will also have the option to go tubing in the park if they get tired of skiing or snowboarding.

However, that’s not all that kids can do in Camelback as it is home to Aquatopia. A multi-level waterpark that is as awesome as it is warm. Featuring seven pools and numerous waterslides that will have them jumping for joy, Aquatopia is certainly a water paradise in this winter wonderland!

For those of you who want to take some sun and get a nice tan, Aquatopia has a glass roof that will let you enjoy the climate controlled environment and pretend it is summer in the winter time!

12. Crested Butte in Colorado

Take a gander at the beautiful snow-covered mountains from one of Crested Butte’s ski lifts and enjoy all the grace and wonder that Colorado has to offer. But, if snowshoeing is more of your cup of tea, then try exploring one of the 77 trails in the area, perhaps that will be a better alternative for you and your family.

For the more adventurous types, you can also rent out snowmobiles, or try out the zip lining in the resort. Of course, for those who prefer a more natural means of travel, they can try out a horseback ride along one of the numerous trails.

Crested Butte actually offers over 500 acres of skiing, and has some of the softest snow you’ll ever see in your life!

13. Beaver Creek in Colorado

Colorado is jam packed with all types of resorts, and why wouldn’t it be? The mountains of this particular state are just begging to be shredded by expert sportsmen seeking new thrills. Beaver Creek, however, is one of the must-visit spots for all types of winter sports enthusiast, from the youngest snowboarder all the way to the most seasoned skier; they’ll certainly find themselves with their hearts pumping and adrenaline coursing through their veins!

But, as always, skiing isn’t the only thing to do in a ski resort. You’ll find plenty of activities for the whole family, such as, tubing at Hay Maker Tubing Hill, ice skating at the rink, or snowshoeing and taking a tour of the trails. Certainly, you will not have time to be bored.

For the really small kids though, you can find the Small World Play School & Nursery that is tailored for young children and toddlers. However, if your little ones are more like teenagers at this point, then they can head over to the Twilight Snowshoe and Pizza Party place or the Anti-Gravity Center, where they can engage in different activities with their peers and possibly learn new tricks that will leave them yearning for more.

14. Shawnee Peak in Maine

You’ll create some amazing memories with the whole family at Shawnee Peak.  Featuring over 200 acres of skiing and 19 trails that are even open for night skiing, you’ll most certainly find yourself enjoying your trip.

But, where Shawnee Peak truly shines is in its daycare facilities. Bring your little ones over to the Children’s Group Clinic and Snow Sports and they’ll have them getting familiarized with the snow covered mountains in no time. But, if they’re too young to participate in the activities then the Peak-A-Boo Daycare center will have them enjoying themselves under the careful supervision of certified adults.

At night, there are ski races in the area, but you can always take a nice little tour of the area with the family while enjoying the night sky if the races don’t interest you. The stars always look majestic when you’re out in the snow covered fields and away from society after all.

15.  Deer Valley in Utah

Absolutely one of the most child-friendly skiing and snowboarding zones in the United States, Deer Valley offers a plethora of activities for the little ones and their parents. You’ll find plenty of amenities for the kids like an Adventure Camp and even a Children’s Center.  That is, for when they’re not shredding it in the mountains of course.

Still, if the slopes get to be too much for them, they can always stop by the resort and get some hot chocolate to soothe their weary souls.

Something to keep in mind when visiting Deer Valley is that ski lift tickets are limited, and so it’s important to buy them early. However, if you aren’t able to do so, you can still find a plethora of good food and other forms of entertainment available at the resort.

Skiing by yourself or with a few friends is awesome, but taking your whole family to a skiing resort and enjoying the winter together is even better. The United States is packed with all types of resorts that offer a variety of amenities, you’re certain to find something that caters to the whole family by visiting them at least once or twice. From snowboarding, skiing, and tubing down the slopes all the way to waterparks, horseback rides, and even zip lining down the slopes at high velocities, you and your family will certainly love them! But, don’t take our word for it, go visit them and take a look for yourself!

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