13 Best Youth Compound Bows for Kids Who Adore Archery

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Best Youth Compound Bow

It’s always the joy of almost every parent when their kid has an active outdoor life because it means that they get to experience life away from a computer or smartphone screen.

Some outdoor activities also work to toughen up kids and prepare them for adult life better than indoor activities. One of the outdoor activities that your kids can engage in is archery. However, being the best at what they do means you giving them the best tools to succeed. 

Top 5 Best Youth Compound Bows (Summary)


Image Product Details  
Bear Archery Brave Bow Set for Youth,... Most ComfortableBear Archery Brave
  • Budget-friendly
  • Moveable weight and draw length
  • Comes with lots of accessorie
Genesis Bow Lost RH Most VersatileGenesis Original
  • Ideal bow for all sizes and ages
  • Can be used for hunting small prey and for practice
  • Comes in varieties of colors
CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn... LightestCrosman Elkhorn Jr.
  • Sleek design and cam feature
  • Comes with armguard and two arrows
  • Has quiver and an arrow rest
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow... Diamond Archery Infinite Pro
  • Great speed
  • Personalized shooting options
  • Comes ready to use
Velocity Youth Archery Race 4x4 Compound... Velocity
  • Accessories are fixed so you can start shooting at purchase
  • Has a bow cam
  • Adjustment made easy without bow pressing

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A youth compound bow is one such tool but the mistake that most adults make when buying the world’s best compound bow is forgetting that the bow is designed specifically for children. Here is all you need to know about youth compound bows from how they are used, benefits to what to look for when buying one:

What Is a Youth Compound Bow

Some outdoor activities like archery are important in installing kids with skills as well as physical fitness. 

Usually, kids who start shooting and aiming compound bows when they are still young go on to become master archers when they are adults and not to mention it is a great way to bond with your kids as a parent.

A youth compound bow is the best thing that you can get your kid and it is a type of bow that is made specifically for kids with the right measurements and weight to suit a kid of any age. Most of the time, kids tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents or other adults in their life. 

If your kid shows an interest in archery, therefore, you need to encourage them to pursue that passion rather than suppressing it and the best way you can do that is by getting them everything they need to succeed in that field. 

Benefits of Using Youth Compound Bows

If you are thinking about buying a youth compound bow, here are a few benefits that you should know about:

Accuracy and Power

Since youth compound bows don’t rely on physical strength, they allow for more power and accuracy when aiming. 

Allows Customization

Compared to traditional bows, youth compound bows allow for more customization in that such bows are made to accommodate tools like stabilizers and scopes. 

Greater Distance from Target

With a youth compound bow, your kid will have more distance from the target which adds to the safety. You can make the process even easier by using spotting scopes of all kinds.

Requires Less Upper-Body Strength

The reason why most people prefer buying their kids a youth compound bow is that they are easy to use in that they require very little upper body strength compared to traditional bows. As such, they can be used by kids who are as young as 5 years. 

How Does a Youth Compound Bow Work

How Does a Youth Compound Bow Work

The firing of bows has changed in the last couple of years and it is no longer just about you pointing it into the sky and lobbying an arrow.

Today, target shooting has become more common thanks to the technology that goes into the construction of compound bows. 

If you are thinking about getting your kid a youth compound bow, you need to understand first how it works. The goal of any bow is to take the force that you put into it and transfer that energy or work to the arrow before shooting. 

When the bow is drawn back, the energy that the archer exerts is usually stored in their bent limbs. When they release the bowstring their limbs spring back to a neutral state, changing potential energy to kinetic one that is then applied to the arrow. 

Just like with all other mechanical systems, this process has its losses. First off, the amount of energy that is usually applied to the arrow is usually less than the energy that you apply to the bow. 

The goal of the compound bow design is to minimize some of these losses. The more the energy that you apply to the arrow, the faster it will go and the flatter the arc it makes and this bow sight allows better accuracy.

Typically, arrows fired by longbow travel at less than 200 feet per second but some bows propel arrows at a speed of 370 feet per second. The draw cycle is not linear as the string is pulled back, the effort that is required peaks partly along the way and lets off at the very end. 

This means that you are left holding a fraction of the peak weight of the bow when fully drawn, lessening the strain as you prepare to release the arrow giving you more time to aim and facilitate a stable shot. A compound bow, at the end of the day, applies the block and tackle technique of multiplying input energy over the distance and a bow release that’s quick and easy to adjust allows for a better shot. 

How to Choose the Best Youth Compound Bow

When you are buying a compound bow for your kid, their opinion matters just as much. Chances are that the kid is new at that particular sport hence the reason why you need to prioritize how they feel when they are shooting. 

For instance, is the bow comfortable or not? Compound bows are designed for young people since they are easier to use than recurve bows. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you are buying a youth compound bow:

How to Choose the Best Youth Compound Bow

Right or Left-Handed

While ambidextrous bows do exist, it is important to consider whether your kid will need a left or right-handed model. What this boils down to is a comfort. 

Getting them a product that they are comfortable with will make it easy for them to improve their archery skills. The best way to determine whether to go with a left or right-handed bow is to have them face a picture or clock hanging on a wall and point at it. 

When they are pointing, get them to close their right eye. If their finger moves, then you need to go with a right-handed model and if it doesn’t, a left-handed model will be more comfortable to use for them. 

In this regard also, you may want to consider their age since there are models that have the recommended ages in the description and others are designed to grow with the kid. 

Bow Weight

The overall bow weight plays an important role in safety and comfort. If a bow is too heavy, they may have a difficult time holding it and not to mention it can end up causing serious injuries. 

If your child is older, it is much easier to find them the right bow than if you have smaller kids. This is because a majority of manufacturers don’t make bows that are meant for kids under the age of ten. 

If you have a kid or kids who fall in this age group, it would be much easier to let them try out the tool before making a purchase but if this is not possible, then you need to buy the lightest option you can find. 

Children who are under the age of 5 can start with tools that weigh 3 pounds or less which applies also if the kid is small or petite for their age. 

In most cases, your kid will probably outgrow the bow in no time but at that moment, their safety should come first rather than trying to save money by purchasing a model they won’t find comfortable and that might end up causing them painful injuries in the process. 

Draw Weight

One thing that most health experts agree on is that forcing a kid to draw a bow that is too heavy can have an effect on their physical development. 

To prevent injuries to their growing bones and muscles, it is important to ensure that your child can draw the bow without straining too much. 

All bows for youngsters have the draw weight listed on the product description, hence it will be easier getting one that fits them. 

On average, most kids should avoid using bows that have a draw weight of over 10 pounds which also applies to those who are 70 pounds. When they are over 100 pounds in weight, then you may start thinking about getting them a more powerful bow. 

Draw Length

One of the most important things to consider is the draw length. The best way to know the draw length of your kid is to measure their entire arm span and divide that by 2.5. 

Since kids have small frames in general, you can expect yours to be on the short end of the draw lengths. Kids who are below 12 for instance, will most likely be in the 14-24” range. When you are determining the draw length, the size of the arrow and bow will also be determined by this. 

Arrows and Broadheads

Just like a climbing tree stand is portable and lightweight, when it comes to archery and hunting, success is determined by the arrow and the best broadheads. Compound bows are an improvement of the traditional bows and they are now more efficient.

While a recurve bow is great for hunting deer, arrows in compound options are slimmer to allow better penetration and the broadheads have been greatly improved such that you have to be careful when attaching them to the end of arrows which is why this is an important factor to consider. 

Expected Ranges

Youth Compound Bow Expected Ranges

If you will be taking your kid to an archery range which is the best way for them to learn the skill, it is important that they understand the range rules.

You also need to be aware of the expected ranges so that you can buy them a product that matches that.

Material and Durability

Most of the time, things that kids use are regarded as toys but archery equipment should be treated like any other sports equipment. For that reason, it is worth noting that arrows and bows that are worn out or shabby can be dangerous to use. 

When you are buying a compound bow for your kid, ensure that you buy from a trusted manufacturer and that it is durable and safe to use even when you are not around. 

You need to be very careful about buying second-hand equipment or inheriting one from a family member or friend. If you need to, ensure that everything works perfectly. 

If you are not sure about what you are looking at or aren’t sure the piece you are about to get is in good shape, you may ask a friend who is experienced or take it to the local archery range for a more informed opinion. 

Dominant Eye

Just like you have a dominant hand, you also have a dominant eye that plays an important role when you are using a compound bow. 

Normally, the dominant eye is usually the one that is behind the arrow. If your dominant eye, for instance, is the right one, then you need to use a right-handed bow and this is a very important factor to consider.

In order to determine the dominant eye of your child, give them the inside roll of paper towels and have them look through it. 

The eye they use is their dominant eye and that should determine whether a right-handed or left-handed model will work for them. 


While there are compound bows for youngsters, their use is limited to a certain age. As your child grows, they may need more than one bow.

There are options that tend to grow with the kid and you may need to enquire before purchase whether they can still use it when they are older. 

In most cases, however, these bows are designed to suit a certain age group and you may need to buy them another bow as they grow older or bigger. 


Let-offs are important as they help children shoot arrows without necessarily pulling the draw weight thanks to the cam system that makes up most bows. 

For instance, the maximum draw weight of 40 pounds and let-off eff efficiency of 75% means that you are only pulling 10 pounds of weight. 

The let-off feature is what makes compound bows better than the other kinds in the market. Let-off is important since it allows the child to focus more on the aim rather than pulling the entire weight of the bow. 

Size of The Bow

Naturally, kids grow up fast and before you know it they have outgrown almost everything they own. As such, it is natural for you to go with the rule of buying the big items in the hope that they will grow into them and save a lot of money,

This doesn’t apply to compound bows at all. The best thing you can do for your kids is to get them an item that is of the right size since it’s safer and more comfortable to use and it goes without saying that they are more likely to enjoy the activity with such a bow than a big one. 

Package Options

Since archery is an equipment heavy sport, your kid will need a bow and arrows, quiver, target, arm guard and other accessories to succeed in the sport. As such it is very important that you consider what comes in the package. 


Youth compound bows are relatively cheaper than those used by adults and hunters but, at the end of the day, it is still important that you consider your budget before making a purchase. 

However, even when you are on a budget, it is important to ensure that the equipment you get is made of high-quality material that is durable.

Pattern, Design and Color

Youth compound bows come in a variety of colors and patterns that are fantastic for kids. The bright colors, for instance, come in handy in locating the bow in case your kid loses it in the woods or grass. 

At the end of the day, whatever color they are into is just okay. However, to save you money in the future, it is important that you go with neutral colors like black, gray or camo that your kid will still be into after years to come.

This is because as your kid grows, so do their preferences. They may have an inclination to a certain color like pink right now but as they grow up they start preferring bolder colors. 

Additionally, if you are planning on taking your kid hunting, black or camo will do since these work much better in the woods than the bright ones. 

Other Accessories

Youth Compound Bow Other Accessories

As mentioned, archery is an equipment heavy sport and as such the accessories that come with your compound bow make a lot of differences.

The basic accessories include the bow, arrows, arm guard, quiver and target. Other accessories that may come in handy include a bow sight that you can attach to the rise to help with the aiming, a stabilizer that adds heft to the bow to help with balancing and a release aid to help in pulling the string back and protecting their fingers. 

It is important to ensure that the product you get comes with additional accessories if you are to get the value of your money at the end of it all. 

13 Best Youth Compound Bows Reviews

1. Bear Archery Brave

If you seek a bow that is convenient and ideal to educate your younger ones, then Bear Archery Brave is what you need.

This item is a small compound bow as it is just 26 inches long, making it comfortable to handle. Unlike other models that are designed for age ten and above, this one is for kids who are eight.

The weight and draw length are both moveables. The length can be adjusted between 15 and 20 inches. Also, the weight can be amended from 20 pounds down to 15 pounds hence making it lightweight.

Additionally, the bow features amazing security guards as it comes equipped with an armguard to protect your child from injury. Also, it has a 6-inch brace height for comfortability and a whisker biscuit that is acclaimed to be the safest in the archery industry.



  • Very comfortable to handle and hold
  • Budget-friendly
  • Moveable weight and draw length
  • Comes with lots of accessorie


  • Left-handed people can’t use it
  • Quiver isn’t of that high quality

2. Genesis Pro

Genesis Pro is one of the few bows you can get for your younger ones without worrying whether he or she are left or right-handed, as it comes with both versions.

Another interesting thing to note is that for a beginner archer it is crucial to develop a good shoot and foot position and this is precisely what this item, with its 15-20 pound variable draw weight, gives to beginners.

The product is well-constructed and compact. Its riser is made from the aluminum, which makes it light in weight, while the precast grip is user-friendly and comfortably fit.

Not only that, its riser is punctured in an ideal way that enables you to turn it seamlessly. The bow also has an aluminum-made cam.



  • Well-constructed and compact
  • Light in weight
  • Highly durable and flexible
  • Can be used by both left and right handed kids


  • Doesn’t come with arrows
  • A bit expensive

3. Diamond Archery Infinite Pro

Amongst the tons of compound bows in the industry, it is hard to find one that is quite versatile as Diamond Archery Infinite Pro. The reason is not far-fetched as the item can be used by a kid of age eight as well as a professional hunter of age over thirty.

This item comes with lots of accessories that will bring joy to kids. It has a quiver that can contain close to five arrows at once and a durable arrow rest. Additionally, it has a string, a wrist sling and three-pin tundra sight coupled with peep sight to enable your child to shoot effortlessly.

The product has three modes of shooting, which are A, B, C, with each letter having its draw length. The one labeled “A” gives the user the optimum performance and “C” gives the least.

Another exciting thing about this tool is the draw length is between 13-31 inches, plus a weight that varies between 5-70 pounds. This is one of the fastest bows you can get with a speed of close to 310 feet per second.



  • Comes ready to use
  • Personalized shooting options
  • Very durable arrow rest
  • Great speed


  • Pre-installed peep sight
  • Individual parts aren’t quite durable

4. Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is an incredible product, whether your kid is an apprentice or a professional archer. It is a decent starter bow that can be used to balance or build up your archery skills. Its shots travel as far as 315 feet per second (fps), which is extremely quick.

The item is simple to deal with and offers extraordinary versatility that makes it the best option. With three pounds weight, it is light enough, provides a comfortable grip and shoots smoothly.

You can also use this item for hunting since its limbs design enable you to aim at prey effortlessly.

With an ATA length of 30 inches, this unit is a highly recommended bow for beginners as it enables you to enhance your archery skills. Also, the draw circle adds to the superiority and usability.



  • Perfect for professionals and beginners
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Limbs are EnduraFiber made
  • Features lots of accessories


  • Turning the bow is difficult
  • Limbs might occasionally move during the draw

5. BARNETT Vortex

Barnett is a top-notch, USA made bow that comes with a five-year guarantee, which means you can use of it for a long time. It comes with ATA/AMO models, which keeps the device valuable and sturdy.

This item draw weight can be shifted and it’s well-built to enable young archers to make the most of their shooting training without wearing themselves out.

With this item, you don’t need to waste time adjusting the draw weight of the bow while in the wilderness. This is possible thanks to its moveable draw modules that give the user the adaptability to alter weight adequately without twisting it.

Additionally, the bow comes well equipped with three arrows and a holder. Hence, there won’t be a need for you to spend extra cash on accessories. Although you will require multiple arrows, you can purchase additional ones.



  • Comes with arrows and arrow holder
  • Per inch adjustable draw for adaptability
  • Good five years of warranty
  • Draw weight is convenient to use


  • Right-handed configuration only
  • No optic sight

6. PSE Mini Burner RTS

PSE Mini Burner is not designed for beginners in mind, but for young archers who are proficient with the art of archery because it’s crafted with one of the finest advanced technologies and novice archer might have one or two issues while getting used to it.

The item draw weight is 40 pounds, but it can be adjusted. Also, the draw length is adequate, as it ranges from 16 and 26 inches, making it safe to operate by novice archers.

This unit comes with lots of useful accessories. These include five arrows quivers, three arrows that are not fiberglass but carbon, three-pin sights and six inches stabilizer.

It is also important to note that this product comes with carbon arrows that are far more reliable than fiberglass. So, if your kid is good at shooting, then this is the best bow to enhance their performance.



  • Balanced and durable
  • Better arrows than other similar products
  • Very quiet
  • Perfect for recreational and hunting purpose


  • Quiver isn’t too firm
  • Only a right-handed configuration

7. Genesis Original

If the bow you seek is a one-size-fits-all, then Genesis Original is the perfect fit. Even though this item is lightweight, its draw offers you a superb and stylish shot, making it ideal for young archers.

Interestingly, it has no measure for draw length, hence, your children will use it even when they reach a mature age. This not only saves you money from buying multiple bows as your kids grow but also offer the best in terms of quality while enhancing their archery skills.

Since it is crafted from aluminum, the bow is sturdy and compact, ensuring that it can move effortlessly. Some of its major highlights are its precast handle, arrow rest and a stainless wire guard.

The maximum weight for this device is 20 pounds, which means it has to be lower for kids’ convenience. Nevertheless, it is popular brands within young archers as they believe it’s an ideal bow as it comes ready to use.



  • Ideal bow for all sizes and ages
  • Comes in varieties of colors
  • Can be used for hunting small prey and for practice
  • Weight can be easily adjusted


  • Absence of arrow nook and rest
  • Not suitable for taller kids

8. Crosman Elkhorn Jr.

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is explicitly designed for kids who want to ace the archery. It is sufficiently flexible and looks precisely like that used by grown-ups, however, it is light enough for kids.

Weighing 3.3 pounds, it is suitable for kids who are over the age of 10, but less than 15 plus the thirty-three inches edge configuration, which makes it straightforward to aim from an alternate edge.

You need to draw between 17-21 inches to shoot averagely, hence, your kids won’t have a hard time using it. Its riser is eight-inch tall, making it comfortable for shooting.

Although the item is made for kids, its compactness and heavy-duty design are second to none. It has a very sturdy cam wheel and strings of cable that withstand the test of any weather condition, making it an ideal device in any season.



  • Sleek design and cam feature
  • Ultralight in weight
  • Comes with armguard and two arrows for youth practice
  • Has quiver and an arrow rest


  • Draw length and weight are not adjustable
  • No manual guide

9. Velocity

If the type of bow you desire is small and easy to use, Velocity Bow is what you should get. It is best suited for young archers.

The device weighs only just 3.2 pounds and has 28 inches of the axle to axle length, making it a comfortable choice.

Another highlight is the bow draw weight and size that can comfortably be used even by kids as young as six years.

The bow comes in an eye-catching color and it additionally comes equipped with lots of add-ons like sight, quiver and aluminum-coated arrows for practice.



  • Adjustment made easy without bow pressing
  • Designed to eliminate torque
  • Accessories are fixed so you can start shooting at purchase
  • Has a bow cam


  • Low quality of quiver
  • No left-hand configuration

No products found.

XGear Outdoors Compound Bow is one of the few top-notch bows that is best suited for both hunting and amusement purposes. This is possible thanks to its draws length that ranges from 19 – 29 inches and can travel as fast as 29 feet per second.

To enhance user performance and ensure that your kids get comfortable with this bow, it was designed with a compact and sturdy aluminum with dual split fiberglass. Also, the addition of Allen wrench enables you to set different variations of the draw length and weight without pressing the bow.

The device is 30 inches in length, but with the aid of bolts, you can modify the weight and the height to your desired size.

This device comes with lots of add-ons such as arrow rest, shooting aids, fiber optic, etc. that help facilitate your shooting speed and accuracy. It’s adaptable with a sleek design, making the perfect choice for beginners and professional hunters.

No products found.

No products found.



  • Swift arrow
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy aluminum riser
  • Ideal for beginner archers


  • Some of it screws could get lost easily
  • Right-hand configuration only

11. Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories is an excellent choice for young archers who want to use it for recreational purposes. This is possible thanks to its lots of handy accessories and high-quality that ensure a long-time use.

Another thing is that the bow comes will a reliable range of let-off of more than 70%, which helps archer eliminate irregular flight when the arrow is fired.

Even at the lowest weight gauge, the bow offers you a glitch-free, quality experience.

Although it is made only for right-handed archers, it comes with a reasonable price. Its package includes arrow rest, two pieces of aluminum-coated 30 inches arrows, release aid and peep sight.



  • Comes with a good range of let-off
  • Quite affordable
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Offers user an effortless draw


  • Accessories are low quality
  • Sighting might be difficult

12. Gen-X

Gen-X is the answer to your struggle if you have been looking for a product that is quite adaptable and comfortable to use.

The bow is configured to suit both left-handed and right-handed archers as you only need to select the one that best matches your choice. It comes with a budget-friendly price and a design is compact, sleek and straightforward to use.

This compound bow features a cam design that enables the shooter to gain maximum impact velocity while drawing its weight as far as 40 pounds. It also has a slacker wheel with an extension, making it an excellent choice for those who want to develop their shooting accuracy.

The item comes with 35 inches axle-to-axle. Plus, its well-crafted grip enables you to use and adjust the bow comfortably. To save you from the stress of drilling should you want to add the add-ons, this unit aluminum riser comes pre-drilled.



  • Both left and right-hand configuration
  • Comes with a reliable and fast configuration
  • Components are made in the US
  • Ergonomic design


  • There are no nook and rest
  • No complexity as expected

13. SereneLife

SereneLife has been specially developed to achieve the best shooting performance. Be it for recreational purpose or hunting games through the woods and the yard, this unique product provides you with precise shooting.

What makes this item unique is that it provides some better functions than the others in the archery market with the added benefits of aluminum, which offers the best durability. With a hard, thin finish and fiberglass, this bow allows you to have a perfect shot.

Its release coefficient is considerably high, up to 75% to facilitate alignment and its draw weight is between 30 and 70 pounds and draw length ranges from 23.5 to 30.5 inches.

Also, it is relatively fast and can easily be handled by people of all ages. Also, its exclusive add-on offers a fantastic design you’re going to love.



  • Has a breakneck speed of dispatch
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Ideal for both kids and adult
  • Robust design and strongly built


  • A bit bulky

How to Use a Youth Compound Bow

Step 1 – Nock the arrow

The first thing you need is to ensure that you nock the arrow to avoid dry firing which can break the bow in the process. 

Step 2 – Find points of contact

The arrow needs to touch two spots where the tip is sitting on the rest and the nock clips sit on the bowstring. Proceed to put the release on your dominant hand ensuring that you are standing at least 10 yards from the target by using an easy to use arrow rest.

Step 3 – Pull into a full draw

Clamp the release around the D-loop and them pull it into a full draw. 

Step 4 – Find the anchor

The next thing you need to do is place your hand with the release on your jaw or cheek creating an anchor point.

The string should be touching the tip of your nose creating another anchor point. After that, move your hand around enough to see out of your peep sight and then press it against the face. 

Step 5 – Adjust the peep sight

In this step, you need to be able to look through the peep sight which is the small hole in the string. You may need to make a few adjustments by moving your anchor points until you can clearly see through the peep sight. It would also make things easier if you choose a reliable crossbow scope

Step 6 – Pull the trigger

At this point, if you can see your sights in the center, go ahead and place the top pin on the target and then pull the trigger.

Hold the finish even if the arrow has hit the target to prevent the arrow from veering off the wrong way when you have dropped your arm. 

How to Care for Your Youth Compound Bow

Step 1 – Ensure that the riser is safe

While all parts of a compound bow are important, the riser plays a very important role in determining the performance of the bow.

It unites all parts and if it has problems you can rest assured that the rest of the bow will malfunction which is why an inspection after every use is important. 

Step 2 – Take care of your bowstring

The bowstring is prone to wear and tear which is the reason why you need to make sure that it is still functioning well. If it is worn, you can replace it or replace the bow altogether. 

Step 3 – Clean the bow and bowstring

Ensure that you remove dirt and grime from the bowstring, riser, limbs and accessories after every use. 

Step 4 – Proper storage

If you don’t have a case to store the bow in, ensure that you hang it somewhere rather than just tossing it in a corner in the garage or shed since this can lead to build-up on the cams or string. 

You could also put your gear in a hunting backpack when you are going hunting to prevent damage to the bow. 

Quick Safety Tips for Beginner Archers

Now that you know what to look for when buying a youth compound bow, how to use one and how to care for it, it is important that we touch on a few quick safety tips that you and your kid should adhere to. 

While archery is considered a sport, in reality, a lot of things may go wrong if you don’t follow the following safety precautions:

Know the Maturity Level of the Child

A good place to start is determining the maturity level of your kid. In reality, there are kids who are ready for archery and others who are not. If your kid falls in the latter category, you don’t need to force the sport in them. 

According to the National Archery Association, the right age to introduce your kid to archery is at the age of eight since such kids are old enough to pay attention, mature to follow instructions and strong to hold and draw a bow.

However, it’s not every kid who is ready to start archery at the age of eight in such a case, when to introduce them to the sport lies upon you since you know your kids better than anyone else. If they are mature enough, then there is no harm introducing it to them even when they are younger than eight. 

Be Present

When it comes to archery, the rule of thumb is to never leave kids alone unsupervised. The best way to keep your kids safe when they are shooting bows and arrows is to keep an eye on them. 

Spell out the rules to them clearly, inform them when they break them and be observant at all times. 

If, by any chance, you can’t afford to be there all the time and you don’t think they are mature enough to shoot on their own, keep them busy with another activity until you have the time to supervise them or have someone stand-in for you. 

While keeping a close eye at them ensures their safety you can also look at it as a way of bonding with them. 

Only Aim at the Target

The saying that you should only aim at something that you want to hit applies in archery. Teach your kids to only aim at the target, especially when they are shooting as a group to avoid serious accidents in the process. 

Wear Protective Gear

When engaging in archery, protective gear is a must-have and the most important of pieces is an arm guard. It is made of thick material and is designed to protect the inside of the arm from getting hit by the bowstring when the arrow is released. 

When you are buying a youth compound bow, ensure that an arm guard is part of the accessories or purchase one separately but never let your kid go out without one. 

You could also choose a thermal scope that suits your needs and wear hunting boots from rubber just to be safe out there. 

Discourage Dry Fires

A dry fire happens when the archer pulls back the bowstring when there is no arrow and then releases it. This is something that you need to teach your kids not to do for one reason.

When you pull the string back, the bow is filled with potential energy that is released when the bowstring is released.

If you have an arrow on the string, this energy is transferred to the arrow to push it forward. If there is no arrow, the energy is reverberated through the bow and can end up destroying it by sending parts flying which you don’t want especially when a kid is involved. 

Always Stay Behind the Line

When it comes to archery, always remind your kid to stay behind the line when they are shooting. While this may sound simple and obvious you would be amazed at how much kids tend to forget this rule.

This is especially when they have hit the bullseye and get too excited that in the end, they forget that there are other people shooting around them and want to run and retrieve the arrow. 

Wearing the Right Attire

If you happen to introduce your kids to archery, it is important that they wear the appropriate clothing when shooting.

Long hair, loose clothing or jewelry that hangs off the head, ears and neck should be discouraged and they tend to interfere with the draw.

Worse comes to worst, long hair and lose clothing can also easily get caught in the bowstring when it is released leading to all manner of accidents. 

Inspect Gear after Use and Purchase

Archery equipment is bound to wear out at some point which is why you need to ensure that everything works well. 

To do that, always check the bowstring after purchase to ensure that they are attached well, the handle on the rise and the longs to ensure that they are not cracked. 

You should also inspect the arrows and ensure that the arrowhead is fastened properly and that the fletchings are properly attached and functional. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to youth compound bow, on some level more spending does mean more quality. As a parent, you want to give your kids everything and at the same time, you want them to be safe always.

This means getting them quality equipment, especially when they will be engaging in dangerous sports activities like archery. 

With this in mind, it is important to buy from a trusted manufacturer but, at the end of the day, ensure that you are getting value for your money by getting a bow that is durable and made of high-quality material. 

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Youth Compound Bows

  • Don’t fetch an arrow that falls over the line, especially if there are other people shooting around you.
  • Don’t leave your kids unsupervised at any moment, especially if they are not experienced in archery.
  • Do ensure that there is always an arrow in the bowstring before firing.
  • Do wear protective clothing when at the shooting range like arm guards.
  • Do take that your kid or kids only aim at the target to avoid serious injuries in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Youth Compound Bows

What age can a child start archery?

According to the National Archery Association, the right age to introduce a kid to archery is 8 but this is not set in stone. Kids mature differently and there are some who may be ready to start shooting at that age or even younger while others take their time. It is up to you as a parent to determine if your kid is mature enough to follow instructions and strong enough to use a compound bow. 

Can youth compound bow kill a deer?

Depending on the draw distance, a compound bow for kids is enough to kill a deer if it is used to hunt rather than archery. 

What size of arrows do I need for youth compound bow?

When it comes to youth compound bow the arrows matter and they should be at least 1.5″ – 2″ beyond the back of the riser when fully drawn. 


If you are looking at introducing your young one to archery or hunting, then getting them the right gear makes a lot of sense. Youth compound bow is designed specifically for kids and the one you get will be determined by their age, maturity level and the expected ranges. Other factors that you need to consider include the size of the bow, weight, draw length and weight, expected ranges and additional accessories that come in the package.

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