15 Best Heated Socks That’ll Keep Your Toes Ridiculously Warm

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Heated Socks Reviews

Have you ever seen a distracted hunter sitting dejectedly in his stand?

All you can do is wonder what has his mind so occupied that a buck could pass within 10 yards and he probably wouldn’t even notice? Nine times out of ten I would put my money on cold toes.

Deer hunting is already a challenge and if you live anywhere north of Tennessee, it can be downright brutal as temperatures drop well below freezing overnight and thick, wet fog moves in right at sun up.

When it’s cold and damp, any part of you can start to chill but your feet, down at the farthest point from your core, have it the worst.

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  • Low, medium and high heat settings

  • Available in medium and large

  • Won’t shock you or fail when they get wet


  • No small size available

2. Mobile Warming Heated Socks– Most Comfortable

A heated sock isn’t just about the heat. First, it has to be a good quality sock that fits well and is comfortable. Socks do more than keep our feet warm, they protect against rubbing and wick away moisture. If you were to leave out the heating element, the Mobile Warming sock is a hands down great sock.

Not to go on at length about a piece of footwear but the fit of these socks is amazing. They wick moisture well and keep your feet dry. They don’t slide or move around and contour well to the leg. If I could get these socks without the heating element, they would likely be my go to brand.

If you combine great warming technology, long run-time, and lightweight batteries, you get a very comfortable and effective system. With 11+ hours of potential heat, a remote for easy operation, and more comfort than most of its competitors, Mobil Warming is poised to take over this niche market.

Mobile Warming Heated Socks, Tri-Blend...

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  • Very comfortable
  • Long heat time
  • Remote or bluetooth controls
  • Well fitted
  • Affordable


  • Higher priced
  • Midrange durability
  • Not as warm as other socks

3. GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Socks – Best Budget Sock

As you begin to move into the more budget friendly options for keeping your feet warm, there are going to be sacrifices but you need to be cautious where you make them. You are going to want a sock that is comfortable but you still need it to heat effectively.

Global Vasion has managed a sock that sits right in the middle of budget vs quality, being cheaper on average for the quality you get but better than most of the brands in its price range. The sock itself is nothing to write home about. It fits well and wicks moisture, stays in its place, and is comfortable.

The heat is where the sock shines. It may not have the long lasting potential of some of the better brands but you can count on a sock that gets hot fast and can really put out the heat if you need it. These are probably the warmest socks on the market if you live in the far north, something like this is a lifesaver!

GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Socks with...

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  • Affordable
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Adequate heat time
  • Fast heating


  • Not as durable
  • Poor wire placement

4. Rabbitroom Heated Socks – Warmest Sock

Heated socks are a small market and the trouble with small markets is they are often flooded with inferior quality products. It would be easy for a company to take a run of the mill sock and shove some heating technology in and sell it as a heated sock. Luckily, there are a few companies that have chosen to do it right.

For this more budget friendly choice, it’s all about the sock. Rabbitroom socks started with a good sock, one that is comfortable and well fitted, before they added any heat. This sock is machine washable and feels just like your daily socks. If there were any complaint about it, it would be that the moisture wicking is a little less than desirable.

As for heat, this sock is no slouch. For a solid 4 to 5 hours it can put out up to 125 degrees of toe thawing heat. No matter your activity you can ensure warm feet at temperature. The duration is a little lower that would be preferred but for those short mornings in a deer stand, these would be perfect.

Rabbitroom Unisex Rechargeable Battery...

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  • Incredible warmth
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable


  • Shorter heat time
  • Shorter heat element lifespan
  • Poor moisture control

5. Greensha Heated Socks – Best Budget for Comfort

As the difference in quality narrows toward the lower end of our quality socks, the details become important. We have had good heat and good material, but Greensha excels in a very comfortable budget option for a heated sock.

For a cotton blended sock, the Greensha wicks well and that is the primary way it distinguishes itself from other products in its price range. The material is comfortable and the sock is well shaped and well fitted. It doesn’t slip down or bunch up around the foot. It is the same quality that Greensha puts into its non-heated footwear.

As for heat, they are much like the Rabbitroom socks. They heat about as fast and last about as long but they don’t get quite as warm. If you want a slightly more comfortable sock and aren’t as cold sensitive, these are a quality option over the foot-cooking capacity of the Rabbitroom socks.

Greensha Rechargeable Electric Battery...


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Quick heating
  • Wicks moisture well


  • Cotton is less durable
  • Could be warmer

6. Autocastle

Autocastle Socks are available in both medium and large unisex sizes. As for colors, you can choose between black, brown, gray or navy.

Once these socks are fully charged, you can wear them for up to 6 hours on the lowest setting. The heat settings follow from a low green to medium orange and high red. The orange and red settings will drain the battery faster.

The heated area of the socks is the front instep. However, the high-rise design allows this heat to spread and wrap around your whole foot and up the bottom of your leg.

The sock itself is made out of a cotton and latex blend. So, it isn’t too bulky or thick while still providing you with plenty of heavy-duty warmth.

Autocastle Heated Socks for Men Women...

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  • Durable and breathable mesh upper
  • Solyte midsole makes shoes exceptionally lightweight
  • Excellent bounce back


  • Don’t keep out sand or pebbles

7. Snow Deer Upgraded

Rather than the instep, Snow Deer Upgraded Heated Socks store their source of heat in the toe. From there, the heat works its way up to the top of the sock where it sits over your leg.

The product is made with a blend of 80% cotton, 12% polyester and 8% elastane. This combination makes them breathable as well as absorbent and quick drying.

These also have a large range of options in sizes and colors. The sizes range from small to X-large and the colors include gray, black, black and gray and black and white.

You also have plenty of security when you purchase socks from Snow Deer. They come with a 1-year warranty, so you’re guaranteed a few seasons of toasty feet.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks,Men Women...

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  • Three heat settings
  • Fabric blend is soft, absorbent and dries quickly
  • Available in sizes small through X large


  • Sizes run tight


QILOVE Socks are made to be handy in any situation. Rather you’ve just curled up on the couch or are headed on a fishing or camping trip, these socks are made to stand up to the test.

This is another option that features three levels of heat. This will allow you to adjust to your own needs and the environment around you.

When these are fully charged, the longest the socks will last is 6.5 hours on the lowest heat setting. You can get 4.5 to 5 hours out of the medium setting and 3 to 3.5 hours on the highest.

The socks are made with a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex. This helps to keep them breathable and dry as you wear them.

QILOVE Extra Warm Rechargeable Battery...

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  • Highly breathable
  • Three heat settings
  • Cotton/polyester/spandex blend stays dry at all times
  • Heating feature lasts as long as 6 hours on a single charge


  • Only available in one size

9. No products found.

MMLove Electric Heated Socks aim their technology at your lower-front instep. From there, it moves to heat up the rest of the sock.

The socks have three settings: low, medium and high heat. No matter which setting you choose, you can trust in having toasty and happy feet in only about a minute.

If you fully charge them before putting them on, you can depend on them for 3 to 6.5 hours before they start to cool off. The higher the heat setting you’re using, the shorter the battery lifespan will be.

While the socks come in 9 patterns and colors, they aren’t as versatile in size. While meant to fit most, the single size might not work for some customers. To be specific, these socks are made to work for men’s shoe size 7 through 11.

No products found.

No products found.



  • Heat up in only about a minute
  • Heating feature lasts 3 to 6.5 hours, depending on the setting
  • Multiple colors and patterns


  • Only available in one size

10. Daintymuse

Daintymuse Socks depend on carbon fiber heating components to help you achieve the three offered levels of heating. These types of elements are small, so you’ll get the warmth you crave without feeling any of the inner workings of the socks as you walk around.

They heat up incredibly quickly too. Once these socks are on, they only take 30 seconds to warm up and the highest setting reaches up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company also took the time to reinforce the heel and toe of this pair. Not only does this help keep warmth in, but it also adds to the durability of these socks over time.

You’re also protected from accidental over-voltage that could cause a problem. When the batteries for the garments are charging, the indicator light will flip to green instead of red and stop charging when the battery is full. This usually takes 4 to 5 hours when the socks need to be fully recharged.

Battery Heated Socks Women&Men Winter...

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  • Carbon fiber heating elements don’t affect the comfort
  • Warm in only 30 seconds
  • Three heat settings reaching as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Available in one size only

11. M. Jone

Even without the heating element, M. Jone Socks aren’t a pair that you’re going to feel a chill through. They’re made with cotton fiber and they’re reinforced at the toe and heel with padding.

This padding doesn’t just keep a few extra degrees in, though. It also offers support to the areas that erode the fastest as you wear them over time.

These socks are powered by 6 AA batteries. They are conveniently easy to find since they’re so common, but they’re unfortunately not rechargeable the same way lithium-ion battery-powered heated socks are.

If you find that you aren’t happy with these socks, M. Jone encourages you to contact them. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of their customers.

M.Jone Heated Socks, Electric Heating...

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  • Cotton material is breathable and warm
  • Reinforced padding increases the durability of the socks over time
  • Aanti slip and shock absorption design


  • Powered by non-rechargeable batteries

12. No products found.

Jomst Electric Heated Socks are made with a cotton and polyester blend that is thickened with elastane. This creates a strong, warm and breathable fabric that you can depend on to last a long time and stay comfortable.

The battery lives on the lithium polymer batteries that are impressive as well. On the lowest heat setting, you can expect a lifespan of up to 9 hours.

As mentioned, you aren’t stuck to a single heating level, either. You can toggle between three temperature settings reaching up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is another set of socks that uses carbon fiber filaments. You aren’t going to feel the mechanics of the socks as you walk around.

No products found.

No products found.



  • Batteries last up to 9 hours on the lowest heat setting
  • Three heat settings with a high of 131 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Carbon fiber filaments don’t cause any uncomfortable protrusions


  • Only available in a single size

13. Spring Shop

Spring Shop Electric Rechargeable Heating Socks have three levels of heating. This includes a low, “green,” 50% heat followed by the medium, “orange,” 75% heat and finally, the full, “red” heat. This reaches up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heating is concentrated in the front and bottom instep. This keeps your whole foot warm and the large area warms quickly.

The socks have a waterproof design, as well. This means no matter if you go out into the snow or just step in a puddle in your kitchen, your socks will survive.

Spring Shop also offers a 100% Quality Assurance guarantee as well. If you run into any issues, simply contact the manufacturer for help.

Spring Heated Socks for Men Women...

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  • Three heating levels reaching up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Large heating area covers both front and bottom insole
  • 100% quality assurance guarantee


  • Just one size is available


XBUTY Heated Socks are a unisex size that will fit U.S. shoe sizes between 4 and 12. The heating technology is located in the bottom instep, which will help to warm you up fast.

You don’t have to wait long to feel that warmth starting either. These socks reach full temperature after only about 60 seconds.

As for what those temperatures are, there are three settings of low, medium and high. These settings range from 101 to 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you have them on, you can expect them to last around 7 to 18 hours. XBUTY does warn buyers, though, that you don’t want to keep the socks on their highest temperature the whole time if you’re wearing them to avoid any discomfort.

XBUTY Heated Socks for Women Men,...

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  • Reach full temperature in only a minute
  • Three heat settings ranging from 101 to 136 degrees
  • Exceptional battery life of up to 18 hours


  • Not for people with larger feet since there’s only one size


SVPRO Heated Socks are battery powered and they generate enough heat to keep the feet warm during harsh weather conditions. Each sock has two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can function between 3 to 6.5 hours on a full charge.

The socks are made of cotton and spandex, making them very comfortable and stretchy. The heating area consists of the top and bottom instep and the heating process begins from these areas before the heat gets distributed and the whole foot is warm.

The heating has three temperature settings – low, medium and high. You can adjust how warm the socks get depending on how cold your environment is. This feature makes it a product that can be useful both indoors and outdoors.

The heels and toes are padded for extra thickness and durability. These socks can be washed with machine or hands and are quick-drying.

SVPRO Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks...

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  • Can last long on a single charge
  • Three temperature settings for various weather conditions
  • Comfortable
  • Padded for extra protection


  • Heat might be more concentrated on one part of the foot

Does Spending More Mean More Quality

Run the trails wearing comfortable shoes with a heated shoe whose price is not pocket-tearing. Sometimes, investing more is not equal to higher quality neither does it guarantee enhanced functionality, durability or even a protracted lifespan. However, you should budget a reasonable amount to get the best-heated socks.

How to Use Heated Socks Safely

Perhaps, you have planned on wearing heated socks, it is essential that you know how to remain safe while using the socks. Never forget that electric current pass through the socks and this is lying superficially to the skin. If handled recklessly, the electric current can be dangerous to you. Similarly, if you wish to use your socks and have it last for a very long time to come, of is important that you use them the right way. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1

First, always ensure that you charge the battery to its full capacity before plugging it to the heated socks. Alternatively, you can get a new 9V battery if you are trying it out for the very first time. When the battery is fully charged, you will have the highest possible time it can run for.  You should also ensure that you wear the right hiking boots with heated socks.

Step 2

Secondly, never attempt to wear your heated socks straight on your feet straight-up. This is because the heating element can, in fact, get too hot and cause danger for the feet. The most advisable thing to do is to add very weightless heated socks before wearing the heated socks. This will keep your skin from burns and will equally put another layer to retain the heat near your kin, making it warm to the best of possible time.

Step 3

Thirdly, as you walk on the heated socks, ensure that the cables linking the socks to the battery or battery pack or the charger are not wrapped close to your leg or feet. Before wearing your waterproof snowshoes, ensure that you carefully raise the cords up and loosen it as you gently wear the socks.

Step 4

Should it be that the battery pack is made to attach to the socks by themselves, you will notice that it is not likely to have it tangled. In some cases where the battery pack is made to attach directly to the trouser or even the body, it can be somehow difficult to prevent tangling of the cables. Ensure that the cables are laced to be up to your leg, and not on the external part of the socks.

Step 5

Finally, ensure that the socks get heated before you wear them on. Tell them while you are at home, and adjust the heat setting to the ‘low’ option. Immediately it heats up to the full, check if your skin can adapt with the heat coming from the socks. Reduced power will normally elongate your battery life, however, if it leaves your feet too cold, you might want to increase the heat.

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How to Clean Heated Socks

Heated socks are designed with electric threads laced into the material, so when those coils get damaged, the socks might not work again. Make yourself warm by wearing strong hiking shoes with socks properly cleaned. It is important to wash them in the right way otherwise, you can get yourself harmed when next you reconnect the wires to the battery pack again.

Step 1

There are basically two ways of washing your heated socks. First is hand washing and secondly, machine washing. There are some heated socks that come specifically with the instruction of handwashing only while some reads “machine-wash” safe. Comply strictly with the letters of the instruction that comes with the socks to stay safe.

Step 2

Immediately you wash the socks, it is best you allow them to drip off the water till it dries up eventually. Don’t attempt to set them in the spinning machine or tumble dry, rather hang them up in a place and allow them to dry off. It could take some few days for the heated socks to dry up completely.

Step 3

Never attempt to boil, iron, dry clean or bleach your heated socks. Trying this can seriously harm your electric constructions and make them useless or even dangerous to use.

Step 4

Never forget that heated clothing is usually very risky. If proper care is not taken, the heated socks can get terribly damaged or completely spoilt. If roughly handled again, it can cause you harm due to electrical short circuit or wrong wiring. Heated socks are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear while being used daily, however, they are extremely dangerous when they touch water.

Are you considering ice fishing in boots with a heated sock? Do well to read the instruction manual and adhere to it while washing, it helps.

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Quick Tips for Getting Your Feet Warm

1. Wear the ideal under socks

It is inappropriate to just pick on any random pair of under socks, find the right one to wear. You will need a sock that is not heavy and with moisture-wicking material that can absorb sweat from your soles. Wool and synthetic fabric will do a nice job here.

2. Make use of inner soles

This will reduce the air trapped in your shoes as it keeps the feet warm. They are of various types. Get the right one and wear.

3. Get the right boot

The ideal winter boot will keep out cold. It comes with very thick soles, well-constructed insulation and durable material to keep you going during the winter.

4. Move around

Moving around itself is a way of generating heat to your feet. Do some walking, running, skiing or cycling to generate enough heat to keep your feet warm during winter. Just a long walk might be all you need to keep your feet warm during this winter.

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Heated Socks


  • Take proper care of the socks and material
  • Endeavor to read the instruction manual before use
  • Hang your socks in the air to dry
  • Turn off the power and disconnect the battery before wash
  • Replace battery immediately it gets weak


  • Don’t wash in a washing machine
  • Never attempt to fix the battery by yourself
  • Don’t dry heated socks in a spin cycle or tumble dry
  • Don’t boil or bleach your heated socks
  • Don’t allow the battery of the socks to be exposed to water

Heated Socks FAQs

Heated Socks FAQs

Can I buy additional batteries for my socks?

In most cases the suppliers to sell extra batteries for their socks, many of which use the same battery but realize that the battery is the most expensive single component in the socks. You would often be better served by getting socks that have a longer run-time than having to deal with extra batteries to charge and keep track of in the field.

How warm do the socks get?

That depends on the brand and can range from flat out hot to very mild. My preference is for a mild heat that lasts longer. If you have a good pair of boots, that will often be enough to keep your feet at a good temperature.

How effective are heated socks?

If you get good ones, they are very effective! Enough to make a difference on the coldest days. It’s easy to add layers to the rest of your body but hands and feet are harder and the cause of most discomfort in the cold. If you have cold feet, the chilled blood will circulate through your legs before it’s warmed again and you can have a very uncomfortable time.

How do I care for my heated socks?

Every manufacturer will have their own guidelines. Some are machine washable and some are not. Always follow the recommended method but generally I gently wash by hand in a mild detergent and hang dry, keeping water away from the battery connectors and not using the sock until it’s fully dry.

If it’s so cold, why worry about moisture-wicking?

The easy answer is that moisture conducts temperatures better than when dry. That means that your feet will warm more, maybe too much with the heat on but should your batteries die, the cold will conduct faster too leading to colder feet. Above all things, keep your feet dry.

How safe are heated socks?

While I know of several accounts of chemical warmers causing burns, I have never seen a single case where an electronic sock has caused any injury. Some of the socks get quite warm but well below the temperature it would take to damage skin or cause a fire. It is just not a concern.

Can electric heated socks result in an explosive fire?

While nothing is impossible, the chance of this occurrence happening is close to zero. Electric heated socks do not burn off provided the battery and other connections are well-constructed. Peradventure you observe some unusual burning smell from the battery, it is advisable that you change such batteries instantly.

In what way can the heated socks be washed?

It is best that you hand-wash heated socks with caution and without allowing them to contact dangerous chemicals and subsequently air-dry them. It is again logical to check the instruction manual of the particular product you’re dealing with to know how best it can be washed. Various socks have diverse washing guides, varying with the material as well as the battery type.

In what way can the heated socks be washed

Can the battery pack of the socks irritate my feet?

More often than not, most battery-powered heated socks have been made in a way that it does not inconvenience you, even when you wear them with waterproof snowshoes. Nevertheless, some socks might be a bit inconvenient on you based on the boot type you are using or the fabrication of the socks. As such, endeavour to understand your socks and check on a product review before making a purchase and ensure you’re comfortable with what you are buying.

Are battery-run socks water-resistant?

The truth is, it depends on the particular socks you are buying. Do well to refer to the instruction manual of the socks you want to buy to get precise and concise details. You will know if that socks is water-resistant or otherwise.

How long do battery-powered socks last?

Conventionally, battery-heated socks are usually sturdy and durable, provided they are used rightly. How durable they are is a function of the product’s quality as well as how you care for them. Inferior socks can lose shape and develop holes just within a short while and top-quality ones can be used for years. The lifespan of the battery is also something to factor into consideration.

What accounts for the costly price of heated socks?

Definitely, the fabric used in making these socks is more sturdy and of higher quality than the lousy everyday cotton socks. Besides, heated socks use expensive batteries in producing heat and it lasts for a very long time. These are what accounts for the costly price of heated socks.

Is it possible to wash heated socks in a washing machine?

Outright no. Using a machine to wash heated socks can tamper with the heating coils or the battery of your heated socks. It is best cleaned by brushing it to remove the dust. The batteries ought to be removed before washing them.

Can the heated socks be placed in a dryer?

It is highly unadvisable to dry-heat socks in the dryer. It must be washed by hand and dried in the air.

What size of heated socks should I purchase?

If you are looking for the most-ideal heated socks for you, it is best you consider the normal socks size you wear. Once you know the size of your shoe or socks you wear normally, you can then proceeds to purchase the heated socks of similar size.

Are heated socks compatible with ski boots?

Yes, heated socks are very much compatible with heated socks, but they must be worn with the correct size of boots. Again, you must wear it in the right manner.


I once knew a hunter that lost three toes one year while deer hunting. Turns out his feet got cold so slowly that he never really realized it was as bad as it was. I have never felt I was in that situation. Most of the time if my feet were cold, I damn well knew it!  But it’s still a concern.

While no one wants to lose their toes, the actual motivation for this article was a young man whose feet had gotten so cold from the wind blowing past his stand that he sat motionless and unaware as a decent buck walked not 25 feet from where he was sitting. When your feet are cold, your whole body is cold and that kind of distraction is a sure way to miss your chance. It happens every year.

Don’t be one of those guys that realize too late that a small investment in proper footwear could have made the difference between a filled tag and a disappointing year. You don’t have to buy the best but you have to do something to keep your feet in order.

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  2. I recently wore some older Lenz socks from a friend and developed a deep burn to the Dorsum kof my left foot some 3-4 cm long. (I am a retired doctor)- so they can cause damage. There was no apparent damage to the sock. I would add a picture but I have a large dressing on the foot still!


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