7 Best Gifts for Deer Hunters They Will Love

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Best Gifts for Deer Hunters

Deer Hunting, one of the oldest types of animal hunting in the world, has existed since prehistory. Even today, deer remain among the most animals for hunting. If you have a deer hunting enthusiast in your life, then you will want to get them a good gift for the Holidays.

From something as simple as a deer call to a new knife, there are plenty of good gift ideas out there. If you got your hunter any of these gifts, then they will be thanking you when they bag their next animal.

1. Illusion Game Calls Extingusher Deer Call System

This is the Extinguisher Deer Call System, an all-purpose lure to draw in whitetail deer. The secret is Illusion Game’s Modslide System. By sliding your fingers up and down the lure, a person can imitate the call of any deer, from fawn up to buck. It has the highest approval rating of any deer call from the North American Hunting Club ever! As an extra bonus, it comes with an instructional DVD.

Deer are very skittish by nature and can get startled. This deer call can lure in deer from far away, allowing hunters to make the killing shot. This would make a great gift because it would make deer hunting way easier than it would be otherwise.

Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call...

2. Life Size Deer Vital Organ Sight In

The Thompson Target Deer Shooting Target contains a life-size spread of a deer. It contains a visible bone structure and placement of vital organs, with the big target on the lungs. It makes for excellent target practice for your bow, gun, or rifle!

Hunters want to bring down their targets as fast and painlessly as possible. That means they need to have good marksmanship skills, which these targets can help hone. It even notes that aiming for both lungs is the best way to take down big game like the deer. For a newcomer or a veteran wanting to practice, this makes a great gift!

Thompson Target Life Size Deer Vital...

3. Moultrie Feed Station Gravity Feeder

Luring in deer with food is simple and easy with the Moultrie Gravity Feeder. Capable of handling up to 40 pounds of food, this feeder has no moving parts or batteries. All a person needs to do is strap it to a tree and gravity will take care of the rest. It’s that simple! Even better, it can handle different types of deer feed, allowing for versatility.

Feeders are a great way to attract animals to your location, and the deer feeder is no exception. The hunter you get this for will appreciate how easy it is to set up and then wait for the animals to come. They don’t have program anything in! That fact alone will save them time that they can be using to prepare traps or readying their guns or bows for the game. Since it only requires a strap, it’s easy to move when they’re all done, making it a bargain!

Moultrie Feed Station | Gravity Feeder |...

4. Primos Bloodhunter HD Shadow Free Blood Tracking Light

The Primos Bloodhunter Blood Tracking Flashlight is not ordinary flashlight. It uses a special filter that will reduce other colors to make bloodstains visible on the ground. With two settings, HD and low illumination, this will make blood visible on any terrain. It’s perfect for tracking down a wounded animal and killing it after dark.

Even the best hunters don’t always make the killing blow on the first try. Sometimes the deer will only get injured and try to flee. When that happens, follow the blood like a trail of breadcrumbs. This can be hard in dense foilage, though, but this flashlight can make it way easier. It will make a great gift for a hunter who gets worried they won’t kill the deer on the first try. Now, they can get a second chance to finish it off!

Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD, Advanced...

5. Outdoor Edge WildPak

After the hunter takes down their prey, its time to take it apart and get everything they need out of it. With the Outdoor Edge WildPak, they can do the job on the spot. This knife kit comes with several different knives. There is one for caping, skinning, boning, a saw, a brisket spreader, gloves, and sharpener. Every piece of the kit comes with rubber handles to prevent the hands from slipping.

Some hunters like being able to butcher their catches where they fall, and this can be a very messy task. These knives will make sure that they get every part out of the carcass so it can it will be ready to pack up. A good knife set is the perfect gift for the consummate hunter, because it’s portable and reliable. A hunter could get years of time out of this one set!

Outdoor Edge WildPak Hunting Field...

6. Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

Hunting is going to be a dirty and smelly activity, no matter how hard someone may try to avoid it. The Dead Down Wind Trophy kit has everything you need to combat the guts and stink of the hunt. When you’re out in the field, you can use the SPF lip balm or the 5-color face camo to get ready. There’s also three Pac-It refills, spray to get rid of nasty scents, and even a soap container for the pack’s soap! When all else fails, use the laundry detergent to get the tough stains out.

Hunting may be fun, but no one likes dealing with smell and dirt of it afterwards. If you hate having to deal with the smell of blood and guts on a person and their clothes, this will combat the stench! In conclusion, if you have a hunter but can’t deal with the mess, get this for them. It’s the perfect gift for everyone.

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Scent...

7. Ameristep Doghouse Hunting Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse Hunting Blind, perfect for all your hunting needs. Standing at 60 inches wide and 66 inches tall, this blind has the realtree xtra camo pattern. The mesh is shoot through, making it ideal for firearm use while staying hidden away. Additionally, the Ameristep Doghouse is portable: set it up, take it down, and then move out.

Sometimes it can be impossible for a hunter to find a good hiding spot to shoot at big game. So, the best thing to do is the conceal yourself in plain sight. This blind, or tent, is an easy to set up method for hunter’s to get close to their targets. Buy this gift and the hunter in your life will light up their face in happiness. It will make their tasks so much easier in the end!

Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind, Two Man...
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