4 Of The Best Folding Electric Bikes – Reviews and Comparison

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Best Folding Electric Bike

Electric bikes are known for their contribution to the environment. Also known as e-bikes or power bikes, they do not require paddling. It is very similar to bicycles but they carry a rechargeable battery that accelerates the bicycle.

They are many best folding electric bikes available with varying battery power. The light ones can travel up to 25 to 32 km/h whereas the heavier ones can travel up to 45 km/h.

If you are interested in purchasing one make sure that they have all the important features. There are different designs and sizes of electric bikes.

Best Folding Electric Bikes

1. SwagCycle EB-5

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding Bike earns points right away by coming pre-assembled. You can also order it in white or black, so it can match your style preferences. This bike uses 14-inch wheels. These rubber, air-filled wheels have disconnect power lines which help to increase traction and it makes tire maintenance easy.

The handlebar and seat are adjustable so they can be moved to accommodate almost any adult or teen rider. On a single charge, you can ride the bike up to 15.5 miles. This will work best if you switch between power assist and manual pedaling.

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  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Handlebar and seat are adjustable
  • Can be ridden up to 15.5 miles on a single charge


  • Can’t be used with a dead battery

2. ZiZZO Campo

ZiZZO Campo Folding Bike is always ready for any terrain you choose thanks to its ultra-light, multi-terrain tires. The stem locks and the frames are constructed using a vice grip locking mechanism with an auxiliary safety lock on the hinge to guarantee you no accidental unlocking while on motion.

Be it straightaways, hills or mountains, its durable Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur combined with the stainless steel cassette will tackle it with ease. This item is an all light aluminum alloy premium bike, built with strength and safety in mind.

It comes with front and rear fenders to make sure you remain dry and neat, even in the rain. It features a Shimano Revo 7 speed grip shifter to always get you on motion and ensure precise and smooth shifting. It offers telescopic, collapsible, adjustable handlebar post to fit many riders.

Perfect for different type of riders, the adjustable stem and 580mm quick release seat post clamp give comfort, while you can easily rotate and adjust the handlebar to fit your hand position. The seat post height can be adjusted to let you pedal on your best riding position.

ZiZZO Campo 20 inch Folding Bike with...

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  • Adjustable stem adapts to riders of all sizes
  • Light in weight for easy transportation, weighing just 27 lbs
  • Folds down very quickly and easily


  • Low max weight capacity of 240 lbs

3. Eahora X7

Eahora X7 is ready to get you where you need to go. With the 8-speed design, it’s also going to get you there as fast as you want to go.

On a full charge, you can take this bike about 30 miles. Its top speed is 20 MPH, so you’re going to see trips like these fly by pretty fast compared to a standard bike.

It also has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These will help you make smooth, safe stops.

The bike is also covered by an overall 2-year warranty. If you run into any problems within this time, you’ll be able to contact the manufacturer for help.

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  • Goes about 30 miles on a full charge
  • 8-speed design with a max speed of 20 MPH
  • 2 year warranty


  • Heavy frame can take some time of getting used to


ANCHEER Bike has three-speed settings that can be changed at the touch of a button on the handlebar. These settings include 7.5 MPH, 11.5 MPH and 15 MPH.

It also has a lightweight design that’s easy to store and carry. It even has a small drag-wheel added in to make it easy to roll around when it’s folded.

The front fork suspension makes sure it can handle bumps on the road. While it’ll help you out over a pothole, don’t expect it to help you on a hiking trip because it isn’t made for that.

There are also a few convenience features on this bike as well. It has a basket on the back and even a place to charge your phone on the handlebars.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike...

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  • Small wheel makes it easy to transport when folded
  • Front fork suspension helps on bumpy roads
  • Can toggle between 7.5, 11.5 and 15 MPH settings


  • Not as comfortable for taller riders

Benefits of Folding Electric Bikes

Benefits of Folding Electric Bikes
  • Portable – These foldable electric bikes are constructed for its easy portability. No matter where you want to cycle you can always fold it easily and port it to where you want. After it folds it can easily fit into your car’s trunk.
  • Commuting Made Easy – Commuting is made easier as the foldable electric bikes do not require much space for parking and can be easily folded and carried through train or bus stations anywhere. The major benefit of a power bike is that there are no more traffic problems. You can easily cruise through due to its speed and when you see a traffic jam just fold it and start walking through the jammed passage. Moreover, the speed of this bike can get you to your destination in less time. No more being late.
  • Comfortable – These foldable e-bikes are easy and very comfortable for people of all ages. It does not require much energy from the body. A little paddling will help you get in shape or even just get your body a cardio. Now, elderly people can keep up with their grandchildren and enjoy.

Drawbacks of Folding Electric Bikes

  • A Complex Design – These foldable e-bikes have a very complex design. They have a lot more parts than a normal bicycle which means more work and more maintenance. It requires the same maintenance such as oiling, tire pumping etc. You will feel a little annoyed by the extra work but will love its smoothness when you ride.
  • Bumps and Irregularities – A folding electric bike may seem very great due to its portability but due to its small tires, it may make you feel the bumps along the road tracks. The smaller the tires the more it is close to the ground. This problem makes the riders a little annoyed.

How to Pick the Best Folding Electric Bike

How to Pick the Best Folding Electric Bike

1. Test Ride

While you are looking at foldable electric bikes you must keep in mind not to rush. Stay calm and make sure that you test ride every electric bike that catches your eye. Testing a ride is very important. It gives you the idea of each and every part, the noise of the motor, the power the engine takes, the speed it can reach up to, the weight of the bike, folding time, folding convenience, tools required for folding, paddling force etc. All these properties are very important to acknowledge as you can choose the right one for yourself.

2. Foldability, Portability, and Weight

A foldable e-bike is heavy due to its installed engine. Many bikes give the property of portability. These bikes have different features and most people search for foldability. If the bike runs out of charge and the pedals do not let you move the bike anymore then this foldable feature may come in great use. Even though it cannot be carried by hand it can be stored in a car. On the other hand, if you want to take your e-bike on the beach or any other track to exercise, then the portability factor will make you love your bike.

Bikes that use large batteries and large motors obviously weigh a lot, which may make it a little difficult to balance and carry around. Folding electric bikes are heavy but for your own convenience make sure to check your ability to lift the weight because weight can cause a problem.

3. Wheel Size of Folding Bike

Traditionally folding bikes are made with small wheels to make their foldability easy. Of course, models with small wheels tend to be lighter and gives you more portability. However, they may lack the ability to speed up. Foldable bikes with conventional size tires are much faster with rolling but their heavy load will give you a tough time while traveling through public transport.

4. Choosing the Right Battery

Batteries are the core part of a folding electric bike and if chosen poorly can turn your expensive e-bike into a waste. There are many batteries with different properties. But the most recommended battery for your folding e-bike is the lithium manganese battery. They are the best and are used even more than the lithium-ion ones. They generate high power and do not require a lot of maintenance.

5. Motor Power

Be sure to check the motor power when buying a folding e-bike so that you can always up your level of speed accordingly.

6. Average Speed

The average speed of a folding e-bike is 25 mph. Even though the speed of 20 mph is only allowed in America, it is easier to pedal which can allow you to speed up. This average speed can take you up to 50 miles. With an electric bike, the battery is all that keeps it going so if your battery is fully charged and working then this speed can be reached in no time. It will help you ride from home to your work without stopping.

7. Budget

Budget is the main part that troubles us when buying expensive equipment. It is a myth that expensive things are better than the cheaper items but it can also turn into truth. In order to save money make sure that you perform a test drive and study all the parts of an e-bike. After all the studying, you will not hesitate to invest your money into something good.

There are many parts that are expensive but there are many parts that work better than the expensive parts. Make sure to spend in bulk.

Overall Thoughts

By all the details and insightful information, you can now make a decision about the folding electric bike. Folding e-bikes are constructed to make your life easier and comfortable. Remember to review each and every attribute of the folding e-bike before purchasing it as some may make you love it but in reality, will result in just a waste.

We have tried to discuss everything that may help you in buying a best folding electric bike. Do not rush while going for it but check twice as it is a huge amount of money and no one wants to have a loss.

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