13 Of The Best Compound Bows – All You Need To Know

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Best Compound Bow

When it comes to compound bows, there’s a lot to love about them.

Their designs have been improving over the years, which means that you can use them more effectively.

At times, they are even better than their recurve counterparts.

However, because of how they’re designed and engineered, you might find it difficult to find the best compound bow your needs.

Top 5 Best Compound Bows (Summary)


Image Product Details  
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow... Lowest VibrationDiamond Archery Infinite
  • Draws and shoots well
  • Low hand shock
  • Affordable price
Gen-X Bow - RH/LH Most AccurateGenesis Gen X
  • Easy to shoot well
  • Very cost-effective
  • Draws smooth and has a consistent let off
Quest Radical Right Hand Package, AP... Great for BeginnersQuest Radical
  • Dual cam design absorbs shock
  • Draw weight can be adjusted from 15 to 70 pounds
  • Features a six arrow G5 head-lock quiver
SWA Raptor (Black, Right Hand) Predator Archery
  • Durable
  • Delivers precise shooting
  • Comfortable to handle
PSE ARCHERY, Mini Burner Compound Bow,... PSE Mini Burner
  • Maximum draw weight of 40 pounds for an easy and accurate reach of distant targets
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The product package is completed with several accessories

For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

We’ll be going over some features that you will want to look for in the design of these tools and point you in the direction of some well-designed examples. Our list should help you find a good compound bow that will do just what you need it to.

What Are Compound Bows

A bow is an instrument made of wood or other flexible materials and is used to launch arrows. Usually, the curved end is connected by a powerful string.  However, a compound bow is special in that operates on the principle of a lever with strings that can be replaced using cables and pulleys to make the limbs flexible.

A compound bow gives you a good mastery of your archery skills through constant practice. It simplifies the process of using a bow so that you have more arrows on target and increased chances of hitting a bountiful harvest from your hunting expedition.

A premium recurve bow uses a network of metallic cords and pulleys to control the limbs. Using this mechanism, the shooter requires less effort than launching a conventional bow, such as the longbow.

Compound bows equally launch arrows more swiftly than the conventional bow. The implication of this is that the arrow goes through a flatter arc and this increases the precision of the shot. It equally implies that arrows reach their target with much force and this increases the chances of killing prey when the arrow hits the target.

Benefits of Using a Compound Bow

A compound bow increases the efficiency of an archer. It has a cam system (usually referred to as the ‘eccentrics’) that saves energy through the draw cycle and offers a release after the cycle (much lower holding weight when stretched fully).

A conventional recurve bow comes with a very linear draw weight arch – implying that when the bow is pulled back, the effort applied increases with each bit of draw (and is most stressed when drawn fully).

However, the compound bow works on a totally different weight system, maxing out its weight by just a few bits of the first draw. It leaves room for more flat and constant pull until the cycle stops when the cam releases and offers a lower holding weight. This design of the peak weight all through the draw offers greater energy and launches more swiftly than a similar climax weight recurve bow or longbow.

Benefits of Using a Compound Bow

Bows can come with different designs of cams, in a broad spectrum  — from soft to hard. There are pulley systems that make use of a single can at the base of the bow and a circular idler wheel at the head rather than two similar cams. The structuring of the cams directly regulates the movement of the arrow. What is called a “soft cam” will drive the arrow more slowly than a hard cam. Newbie bow users will typically launch a soft cam, however, more-sophisticated archers might opt to use a harder can to attain speed.

This structure removes the need for a different control cord and makes use of one long string that starts at the cam at the base of the bow, and journeys over the wheel at the head, and back to the cam base. A different bus cord then links the base cam with the top limb.

Anytime a bow is pulled, the limbs are drawn close to themselves using the cord. In a longbow or recurve bow, the limbs are stretched in the pattern of the bowstring. This variation implies that compound bows come with limbs nearer to the horizontal tangle.

The parallel limb arrangement reduces the recoil potential and shock on the archer anytime the arrow is launched, as the force travels upward at the head of the limb and downward at the base and nullifies each other.

Another benefit is that it features a pulley mechanism that typically comes with certain rubber-laced blocks that serve as draw-stops. The draw stops can be altered to conform with the archer’s best draw power. This gives a steady anchor point as well as a steady input of energy exerted on the arrow each time it flies, thereby, improving the accuracy.

Pros and Cons of Using a Compound Bow


A compound bow has a fairly adjustable draw range which can be from 26 to 30 inches and from 55 to 70 pounds of weight. It is durable and easy to use which adapts it very well for hunting. It is precise and steady to use based on the configuration.

These bows can be used by expert and newbie archers. They take a short time to master and usually have sights patterned after the peeps and sight pins to improve your shooting and offer you the most precise shot. 

They also have an arrow rest that’s great for balancing your arrow. Furthermore, they have releases with triggers to aid your shooting and offer a better shot on target.

Compound bows are heavy to use if you are aiming at shooting game. Therefore, it encourages consistent training with the bow which helps in building muscles and preventing your hand from vibrating while you are shooting.

Another positive is the pulleys which help the archer to easily draw the bow with minimum effort and tension to give a forceful release. This impact increases efficiency and distance launch. As such, with a little effort, you can draw the string as much as you want, without getting inundated with the resultant tension.

Accuracy is yet another benefit. The precision allows archers to take a long pull and generate increased force. The precision gets increased and the shot is just like a rifle due to the cam systems. Compound bow comes with a release that offers a firmer grip and requires less effort to pull. Stability and accuracy more likely guaranteed. The bow sight helps in shooting more precise shots.


The compound bow is slightly heavier than other types. Furthermore, most of the moving parts need extra maintenance and produce greater failure spots. Similarly, if dry firing occurs, the bow is more prone to damage because more quantity of energy is saved and released as well.

Again, as opposed to conventional bows, changing the string or cords or doing adjustments to release or draw span usually take a bow press, a unique tool used in shrinking the limbs, easing the cords and stringing off tension.

When a bow is pulled with a finger, the chances of bending the bowstring are higher and the strings might get misaligned with the cams. Therefore, you often need to use a mechanical let-off. It takes a professional to repair compound bow when it gets faulty.

Types of Compound Bows

Types of Compound Bows

Although, there are different ways of grouping compound bows, the major criteria of classification are the cam system. Based on this, four different types have been identified. They are the single-cam, twin-cam, binary-cam and the hybrid-cam.


Single-cam bow comes with a camera with one power cam to bend the limb of the bow and conserve the energy. The power cam is often installed on the lower limb while the upper limb carries an idler wheel. The bow’s architecture is simple, so it’s easy to use.

There are single-cam bows that are enhanced to get a smooth shot while some other types are more rigged and engineer for a swift shot. Again, some single-shot bows come with nock travel problems while others do not, but they are all precise to a reasonable level.

The key challenge with single cams is the nock travel as one when is not functioning when the power cams rotate. The force opposing the arrow’s nock, therefore, results in nock travel challenges and this is rectified in the twin-cam systems.


If you are looking for a bow cam-type that will match with a comfortable climbing tree stand for long waiting while hunting, the twin-cam is your surest bet. A twin-cam is also called a dual cam. It is made up of two cams working synchronously in one single bow to offer increased draw force to launch an arrow with. The two cams can be round or elliptical but they must have a similar look so they can work together.

If we juxtapose this with the single-cam, twin-cam bows come with greater power and are faster than single cam bows, but they usually have synchronization issues. It is usually a function of their architecture. The two cams act independently. Therefore, you face the that one cam turns slightly before the other because of the string drag. This implies that the upper and lower limb strength aren’t balanced, which produces a nock travel challenge.

More recent twin-cam bows usually feature more efficient strings that don’t have synchronization issues. However, you will need to have the bow checked by an experienced specialist once in a while. Besides these synchronization challenges, twin-cam bows are easy to launch, and they also have greater power and accuracy and better adjustment settings than single-cam ones.


If you are looking for a compound bow that will perfectly match your broadhead bow for archery fishing, you can go for the binary cam-type. These are built as an advancement from the hybrid type. This bow has two major cams, as obtained in the dual-type configuration.

The cords rise from the two cams and each is linked to different cam. As such, the cable from top cam gets hooked to the one at the base while the one at the base cam gets hooked to the upper cam. Such a setting ensures that the two cams allow the rotation of each other, giving completely-different flexibility from other compound bows type.

Binary-cam bows produce a lot of power for swift arrows and because their two cams control each other, any errors in the limbs are attained for smooth and precise shots.

The advantages of binary-cam types are high power, incredible speed and high precision. The two power cams allow more weight draw and swift-flying arrows. The special settings of binary cams account for their self-balancing and reduce nock travel problems.


Hybrid-cams are an advancement over the dual cam, made to eliminate the synchronization challenges.  They have two asymmetrical ellipse-shaped cams. The control cam is above the power cam. The whole design is made of a split-harness, a control cord and a drawcord. Hybrid cams feature the advantages of the straight nock travel and they have no synchronization problems.

However, even as hybrid-cams are actually independent, they also need to be rectified from time-to-time to work at their peak. There are numerous hybrid-cams bows that are incredibly swift and noiseless. Though the draw side cam is aligned overall, the cam is out of alignment with each other.

In the twin-cam, the configuration is such that the cord from the two cams is connected to the abutting limbs while the cord from the top cam is attached to the base cam and not the limb. As such, the trio of the lower cam, the upper cam and the power cam work synchronously. This affords the bow easy tuning strength and demands reduced maintenance effort.

Hybrid bows present incredible speed and precision, just like a twin-cam, only that all the cams work synchronously.

Compound Bow Parts and Terminology

Compound Bow Parts and Terminology


Sometimes, an arrow is referred to as bolt. Arrows are usually made of aluminum metal, carbon rod or an alloy of the two materials. A majority of archers like arrows produced using carbon as they are more sturdy and usually can fly along a straight course. If you like to put your gear in a hunting backpack after hunting, you will probably love carbon arrow as well.

Archery Shooting Form

This is a term used to denote the manner in which you stand and hold the bow firmly alongside your arm’s location, and how you can launch your shot. If you have the right shooting position, it will be easier for you to fire precise shots continuously.

Arrow Rest

These can be the automatic drop-down or stationary type that allows you to immediately fire the arrow. The most ideal choice for you should be based on your personal taste.

Arrow Shelf

An arrow shelf is made in a way to contain the arrow in a consistent way all through the positions of the draw and let-off. An arrow shelf is designed such that it can secure your hand from mishaps is injuries which could be serious.

Axle to Axle Measurement

This is sometimes referred to as ATA. It is the range obtained from the measurement of the head of bow’s cam to the cam at the base.

Back Tension

This entails straining the back muscles to gain higher force channeled to the arrow to obtain a swifter movement of the arrow. It equally ensures that the shots made are efficient.

Berger Hole

This is a tiny orifice located on the riser and it is usually used in fastening the arrow rest to the position for a firm grip.

Bow String

If you are familiar with the components of the deer feeding tools very well, then you should know what the bowstring is. It is a cord that you will see on the compound bow. Usually, this string is pulled back and let off anytime one wants to shoot. The bowstring is the essential component of the compound bow and it controls how the bow will launch its sting.

Brace Height

Perhaps you want to determine the location of the brace height, you will need to gauge the compound bow, beginning from the base of the grip to the level of the string. If your measurement reads short, then you can expect extra power and incredible speed but for a starter, it might be difficult to regulate and manipulate. If you are making target shooting, then you should consider bracing heights you no longer like. The short braces are perfect when you want to target objects in crowded places while you are hunting games on treetops.


This item is made of a very sharp-mouthed stainless steel. It is a cutting head on an arrow and it is usually made of heavy stainless stellar of varying weights 75, 85, 100 and 125 gram to allow you select the one which will best match your chosen target. Mind you, never forget that the broadheads aren’t the best option when you’re hunting with all bag targets.


These are cords spanning one cam to another which can be found on your compound bow. The cords offer the kinetic energy that propels the arrow into motion, ensuring that each shot fired is well executed when letting off.


Do you wish to know anything about choosing the right crossbow scope for your bow? Then you must also pay close attention to the cam of such bow. Bows rank as one of the most essential components of the compound bow.

The bow is those two wheels located at the sides of the bow. The cams do the work of regulating the pulley mechanism which usually happens when the archer is dragging the strings back in order to launch the arrow. There are three distinguished types of cams that can be seen on most cams around.

  • Soft cams

With this type of cams, you can draw the bowstring backward with minimum efforts when juxtaposed with other cam types. A soft cam will assist in keeping you from getting tired, something usually witnessed when using other cams. This guarantees the accuracy, especially when making multiple shots. However, even as it offers ease of pull, these cams usually come at the expense of speed and power of the cams. This type of cams is common in beginners’ compound bow.

  • Aggressive Cams

Also known as hard cams, aggressive cams equally offer incredible shot power when compared to the soft cams. Although it requires greater efforts to pull, they often make the best choice because they impact great arrow speed and deliver sufficient power. They are good cams for your hunting expedition as they are the best choice to hunt down your target and dash right into the skin.

  • Single Cam

Rather than the conventional two cams we are used to, this cam is just one. The bows are maintained in a good framework such that the structure remains solid for a long time than the twin cams. Arising from this, therefore, it takes just little effort to maintain a single cam with consistent usage than the double cams. However, this single-cam is quiet while using it, it is not as accurate when juxtaposed with the double cams.

Draw Weight

Compound Bow Draw Weight

This refers to the extent of force that must be expended in a bid to pull the string completely to the back, and it up is usually rated in pounds.

Field Points

This is usually known as practice tips. They are commonly made use of while having target practice. These days, there are apps for hunting that work on every phone and can teach you how to use field points. There are metal points you can easily couple to the arrow and they come in diverse grain weights.

Vanes and Fletching

These refer to the everyday terms used in denoting the plastic barbles of feathers coupled to the terminal point of the arrow. The vane functions as a guide in rectifying and steering the path of the arrow while flying. How big the vane is usually has a telling effect on the swiftness of the arrow. Vanes and fletchings which are very big are made use of while hunting bird while smaller vanes ensure faster movement of the arrows and are more ideal for hunting big games with high precision.


This is also known as the “feet per second” rating of how fast an arrow can move when launched from the bow. A majority of bow manufacturers have defined the FPS as a standard range (in feet) that a 350 grains arrows will cover when released from a bow pulled with 70lbs effort and a 30-inch draw span. If you wish to have your bow reach it’s IBO speed grade, you must launch it under those circumstances. Any alterations will cut down the speed.


The grain is a unit of measurement that defines how heavy an arrow, as well as its parts, are. It measures the arrow, nock, inserts as well as the broadheads. The arrow itself is usually weighed this way but the unit used is (Grain per Inch) GPI rating. The implication is that a raw arrow shaft has an x amount of grain with one inch of length.

Let Off

This refers to the extent of the bow’s draw strength that is deducted after attaining full draw. For instance, a bow with a let-off of 70% will need that the archer holds back some 30% of the real draw weight. For 80-pound draw weight with 70% let-off = 24 lb complete draw holding weight.


It is essential to get a waterproof spotting scope when hunting, bet, even so, it is equally important that you get those limbs that are dynamic with fiberglass logs coupled with the riser and support the cam mechanism of the bow. It conserves and gives out energy after each arrow is launched. Limbs come in different weight categories like the 50-60 pounds, 60-70 pounds and so on. The archer may go for his choice limb within the set range.

Mechanical Release

The mechanical release is a device used in assisting the archer to pull back the bow and let off the spring. The archer must tighten his grip on the release or couple it around the wrist and then join the teeth of the release to the cords of the bow. Then, the archer can then pull the bow backward. On the verge of releasing the string, the trigger of the release must be forcefully pulled to split the jaws open.


This is a plastic item placed in the back of the arrow, adjacent to the broadhead insert, and with it, the arrow can be set on the bowstring.

Nocking Point

This is the specific point on the bowstring on which the arrow is coupled. In most cases, this location does make a right-angle with the string and arrow.


This component maintains the arrow in a steady position for the shooter and can be fixed permanently or detachable. It can also contain different types of broadheads. Before closing in on anyone quiver to use, you need to decide the number of arrows you wish to take with you, whether a fixed-blade or mechanical broadhead will be used and the nature of the soil on which they will be carried.

Range Finder

This is a hand-held piece that gauges the horizontal distance as well as the angular distance of the targeted object and immediately relays the information to the archer though an LCD screen as seen from the eyepiece.


This is a relatively-long, central portion of the bow to which the limbs get coupled. Most risers are made using refined aluminum. Conventionally, bows with long risers are usually more-stable when drawn fully.

Silencing Aids

These silencing aids are add-on used to contain vibrations resulting from the arching of the compound bow. When used, the bow becomes quiet. It can ve coupled with the bow limbs, sights or even the stabilizer itself. Amazingly enough, there are some silencing aids that can be attached to the bowstring and cords too.

How to Choose the Best Compound Bow

How to Choose the Best Compound Bow

When it comes to picking out the best recurve bow or any other bow, there are a lot of different things to look at. There are different ways that you will look at each of these options, but I will make sure to touch on the different ways that these will affect your bow and what purposes might require different criteria.

Of course, the market is full of compound bows from different manufacturers and each giving diverse specifications. If you have bought a competitive speed shooter with red dot sight and you are looking for a good compound bow to complement it, you might find it challenging.

However, if you understand the relevant factors to consider before you dash to the market for a purchase, you are likely going to return home with the best compound bow for the money. Here are some things you need to consider.

Purpose of the Bow

There are a couple of major reasons for getting a bow. You might get a bow to go hunting. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you will want a setup that will really get the most power out of your bow just like when you’re picking a battery for trolling motor. This means that you will want a higher arrow speed. You might also want a higher let off as well. Let off is where the archer is holding less of the draw weight. This means that you can have your bow ready but won’t have to struggle with the draw weight. You will also want a higher draw weight, so finding a bow with a good let off rate and a high draw weight will likely be essential for you. You might also want a lighter bow if you’re going out hunting with this bow.

If you’re wanting to use your bow for target shooting, then you don’t necessarily need a bow that has a high draw weight. You’re looking for a bow that you will be able to shoot accurately. A lower draw weight, a higher let off, and a heavier bow might be what you need. The heavier weight (or even a longer bow) will help you get a more accurate shot. The high let-off and using a tree stand will allow you to really focus on getting just the right shot with your bow.

Whichever option you decide to go with, choosing the right crossbow scope is of utmost importance. But we’ll make sure to touch on what you want for hunting or target shooting in each section if it is applicable just to make sure that you know what to look for.

Length of Bow

When it comes to your bow length, you often want something that works with your body. Your draw length will often determine your bow length, but sometimes you might have a little bit of a range of bow sizes to work. Depending on what you’re doing, you might want a little bit longer bow.

If you’re hunting, you’ll want a shorter bow. That’ll make it easier to carry around and also easier to fire. For target shooting, a larger bow will actually make it easier to get a good shot. The average length for compound bows that you want is roughly 30 to 32 inches. However, the length of the bow that works for you might be a little bit different. Make sure that you pick something that works for you. It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t work for other people.

Draw Length

This is an important part of many different bow choices. The draw length is how far the string will go before it stops. If you get a bow that has a draw length that is too long for you, then you’re going to be missing out on some of the power that the bow has to give you. If the draw length is too short, then you’re going to feel uncomfortable while you’re shooting the bow. It might even make you less accurate. Whether it’s too long or too short, you are going to be unhappy. Before you go to pick out a bow, make sure that you’ve measured your draw length if you don’t already know it. If you’re new to the world of compound bows and archery in general, then you might want to go to a store and have someone help you figure out the draw length. Anywhere that sells bows should have someone that can help you. Also, make sure to test how the bow feels before you purchase it.

Choosing the Best Compound Bow
Source: DeerLab.com


The weight of the bow can affect how you shoot. The lighter the bow, the longer you can carry it around with you along with the durable survival knife and the more comfortable you will feel with this bow. A heavier bow might be easier to aim with if you’re doing target shooting. For hunting, you’ll have to figure out a median where you won’t miss that often when you’re firing, but you’ll also be able to carry it with you for long periods of time. It’s a very personal thing to deal with, so make sure that you’re finding something that is right for you.

Let Off and Draw Weight

I have combined these two topics because they are so related. If you don’t already know, draw weight will affect how you shoot your bow. The higher the draw weight, the harder it is to shoot for some, but the more power will be behind the shot. A higher draw weight will be ideal for hunters, but it isn’t always necessary for people that want to just shoot targets.

However, higher draw weights can mean that some people won’t be able to reach their ideal draw length. As we have already discussed, this can cause a lot of problems for the archer. The way that we deal with this is through let off.

Because of the design of compound bows, you can wind up dealing with less of the draw weight yourself. Because of the way that the cams at the bottoms of limbs move and any weights that are attached to them, you might not have to deal with all that weight. There are some bows where you will deal with ten to fifteen pounds of draw weight when the bow has a draw weight of 70. This means that you will be dealing with roughly 20 percent of the actual draw weight. This would be an 80-percent let off. The higher the let off, the less weight you have to deal with. This can mean that you will be able to aim more without having to hold the whole draw weight.

However, you will still have to be able to pull the draw weight to get to the let off point. That can still be a challenge for some people. Even if you’re looking to hunt with your compound bow and world’s best broadheads, you will want to make sure that you are capable of dealing with the draw weight of your bow.

Compound Bow Speed Arrow Speed

The arrow speed of a bow is another measure that might help you decide on what kind of bow you want. The arrow speed is an indicator of the power behind your bow. Of course, the speed is affected by the weight of the arrow and the bow, but it can help you decide whether or not you want the bow.

The higher the speed, the more power is in the bow. You might not need a bow with a high arrows speed if you’re aiming to just shoot targets. However, having a high arrow speed might be something that you want just for yourself.


This is always something people consider when they’re looking at bows. Compound bows can be made out of a variety of materials and can have varying qualities. The higher quality and better-designed bows are going to be more expensive. However, there are still decent bows that will be able to take down game and have great accuracy at lower prices. You might have to really look around for those prices, but they’re out there.

Make sure that you aren’t breaking the bank to get a good bow. You can always save up for the bow of your dreams and get a cheaper one to practice with and use in the meantime.

Achieving Accuracy

While it is true that speed is important in any bow shooting adventure for archers, the fact is that sometimes, speed is not just everything that matters. Don’t get it twisted, everyone loves a bow that launches swift-moving arrow with incredible FPS coverage, in the hundreds of meters per second, but then, precision also counts.

Many times, while you are aiming your target, you might need to fire through a tiny orifice that might be so narrow, such that you need accurate and precise shots. In this case, the accuracy of the compound bow counts more than the speed of the arrow.

Brace Height

This refers to the space between the grip and the bowstring when the bow is yet to be pulled. Perhaps you care for a swifter fly, then consider a low brace height. Nevertheless, you might witness a lot of troubles shooting using this alternative.

Braces that are high might result in the reduced speed of arrow but the ease of use is better. It is better if you can try out several braces height and select the one that you most love.

Archery Shooting Form

This is yet another thing to consider in your purchase if your compound bow. Make sure that you can easily stand and firmly hold the bow to make a consistent, forceful shot before you buy the bow. A compound bow that affords the proper shooting form will allow you to fire accurate shots repeatedly.

You should be able to stand correctly and with a relaxed grip and bow arm balancing, accurately fire the shots by itself, even if what you seek is just a bowfishing bow for archery fishing.


It is quite essential to consider the sights before choosing any compound bow because the sights enable you to pinpoint and determine how high you should hold your bow to fire precise shots based on your distance to the target.

Sights vary in function and specification from floating pins to 7-pin set-ups each serving different functions and with different precision.


Compound Bow Rests

This piece is attached to the bow to ensure that the arrow is being fired from just one consistent pint, no matter how you pull the string backward. There are variants from mechanical rests to drop aways, make sure you test it out to determine which one suits your preference before choosing one.

Type of bow

Compound bow comes in basically four different types and the categorization is based on the cam, a very essential component of any compound bow architecture. It plays a key role in conserving draw weight in bow limbs. The four major types of bow available are single cam, twin-cam, binary cam and hybrid cam. Each type has its own strengths and weakness.

For instance, the single-cam is simple to use and noiseless, but the speed isn’t much while the twin cam is difficult to tune but delivers incredible arrow speed. The binary cam is known for exceptionally-high velocity and nock-level travel while the hybrid cam’s selling point is maintenance and easy tuning.

Your Dominant Eye

Even if you have the world’s best bow release, you still need to understand how to shoot with your dominant eye. Your dominant eye could be the right eye or the left one. Once you’ve figured this out, it is important that you consider a compound bow that matches with your dominant eye because your brain will demand essential details from that eye while hunting.

Technical Aspects

You need to consider quite a number of technical aspects before going for the compound bow at all. The technical aspects will greatly impact your bow output for that particular task.

  • Axle length: long axle length is ideal for beginners as it is easy to shoot while short ones are for hunters standing on a tree to shoot. So you need to d determine the ideal one for you.
  • Draw length: This shouldn’t be too much, otherwise, it reduces the speed and precision of the arrow.
  • Brace height: Bows with low brace height shoot fast with much shooting effort while it is convenient to use high brace height.
  • Draw weight: For fast bow shots, you need to invest in the compound bow which you can easily pull backward with much draw weight so that the arrow will jet out with great speed.

Type of Fletch

There are plastic and feather types. It is advisable for beginners in arching to use plastic vane ones because it is more sturdy. However, you should understand that feathers move faster and with more precision than plastic-vane fletch.


This is yet another thing to consider if you are looking at the best compound bow fur the money. If you are a grown-up archer, you probably don’t need much adjustability in your bow, however, if you’re still developing, you can go for one with flexible adjustment options both in draw length and draw weight.

13 Best Compound Bows – Reviews and Comparison

1. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Maybe you like to shoot a bow and aren’t a hunter but you still don’t go in for the high-pressure competitions. You shoot for fun more than anything else. If so, the key is to get a good shooting bow without the punch to your bank account. Diamond bows are great for that!

This bow has top marks on value while still being a great shooting little bow. It doesn’t stand out because it doesn’t need to. It serves its role well and does it at a price that can get most anybody into shooting. If you hunt with the crossbow occasionally, this bow can stand with the big dogs. If you shoot 3D matches or just let loose a few arrows at the occasional target, you will be pleasantly surprised.

For a bow costing far less than half the price of the big dogs, this is a smooth shooter that is comfortable to draw and hold so you can play all day without feeling it in the morning. The hand shock is surprisingly mild and with the reasonable draw weights, rollover is easy and relaxed. This is a no pressure bow for a no pressure shooter.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow...

Check Price and Rating on Amazon.com


  • Great value for the money
  • Draws and shoots well
  • Low vibration and hand shock


  • Quite plain with no features
  • Accuracy could be better
  • A little loud

2. Genesis Gen X

If you are just starting out, the key to success is to get a bow that is cost effective but still provides the pleasure of shooting. Sure, you can dump a grand or more on a big name bow and hope you like the hobby but who is crazy enough to do that?  Okay, we all know people but let’s not be one of them. Let’s play this smart!

I would hazard to say that there are more Genesis bows being shot today than any other brand on this list. They are a main provider of bows for schools, troops, and clubs around the country, mainly because they are so cost-effective. Let’s face it, if you can get a kid to put down his video game and pick up this bow and shoot it for a couple of hours a week, Genesis has to be doing something right.

It’s not the smoothest bow or the most powerful. But it is plenty accurate and a super fun little bow to shoot. If you want to try bow hunting, the draw weight is sufficient for most game. For the price, it draws smooth and has a consistent let off. If you are just now starting on the crazy, addicting hobby of archery, there are far worse choices for you.

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  • Fun and easy to shoot well
  • Reasonably accurate
  • Great as an introductory bow


  • A little rough on the draw
  • Shoots slower than desirable
  • Feels a little rough around the edges

3. iGlow

iGlow Compound Bow has a 30 to 55-pound draw weight. The draw length is 19 inches to 29 inches with an axle to axle length of 28 inches.

The bow has an arrow speed of 296+ FPS to help you hit your target with absolute precision. It’s recommended to use 30″ aluminum or carbon arrows with it.

If you want a little extra with your bow, you can order it with a premium kit. This kit includes an optic bow sight with a sight light, rubber stabilizer, brush arrow rest, D-loop string, bow sling, ⅛” tube peep sight and Allen keys. This gives you pretty much everything you need to get started.

Aside from premium kits, you can also order the bow in different colors. Your choices are green, black and camouflage.

&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1" title="iGlow 30-55 lbs Black Archery Hunting..." rel="nofollow noopener sponsored" target="_blank">iGlow 30-55 lbs Black Archery Hunting...

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  • Draw weight and length can be adjusted
  • Durable
  • Premium kits available


  • Left handed version not available

4. Southland Archery Supply

Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow draws with up to 70 pounds of force. If you tighten the bolt, you can increase the draw weight by five pounds. Alternatively, you can loosen the bolt to decrease the draw weight by five pounds.

The compound bow has a draw length of 25 inches to 31 inches. It also has a 35-inch axle-to-axle measurement.

From this bow, your arrow is going to travel 270 feet per second. This, along with rigid tolerances, help make sure that you can make a shot with perfect precision.

When you’re buying arrows, it’s best to use 30-inch carbon and aluminum arrows. They will give you the best accuracy and performance.

&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1" title="Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70..." rel="nofollow noopener sponsored" target="_blank">Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70...

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  • Accessory packages available
  • Travel packages available
  • Draw weight is adjustable


  • Instructions to install accessories are more complicated than necessary

5. No products found.

Bear Archery Species RTH Compound Bow doesn’t leave you needing much to get you set up. Their Ready to Hunt package includes a 5-arrow quiver, peep sight, nock loop, 4-pin sight and a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit.

Endura fiber limbs work to fit the needs of any shooter. They balance the rigidity and flexibility you need.

The bow also fires an arrow at an impressive 320 FPS. With the limb dampeners, you won’t feel as much shock and vibration when firing.

You’ll also get a smooth draw with this compound bow. It won’t be hard to pull back and shoot with accuracy.

No products found.

No products found.



  • Ready to hunt package comes with the extra gear you need
  • Arrow fires at an impressive 320 feet per second
  • Limb dampeners reduce vibration and shock


  • Draw weight not specified

6. Precision Shooting Equipment

Precision Shooting Equipment Compound Bow is a 29-inch bow. It has a draw length range of 21 to 30 inches.

Many users are happy to see that this bow had a smooth draw as well. It isn’t a hard model to handle even for beginner archers.

It also has PSE X-Tech split limbs. This helps to absorb some of the shocks when you let an arrow fly, so you won’t have to worry too much about vibration.

This also helps with the precision the bow offers you and is helped along by the 316 FPS of this model.

Precision Shooting Equipment Stinger X...

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  • Smooth draw
  • Split limbs absorb shock
  • Easy to-handle


  • Draw weight isn’t specified

7. Quest Radical

Quest Radical is made to work for right-handed users. It has a draw length of 17.5 to 30 inches and an axle-to-axle length of 29.25 inches.

The draw weight for this bow has a good amount of adjustability. You can set it as low as 15 pounds or as high as 70 pounds.

The kit includes a suppressor, rest, stabilizer, sling 4-pin sight and a peep. It also features a six-arrow G5 head-lock quiver. This gives you almost everything you need to get started.

This model also has a dual cam, split limb design. This helps to absorb the shock and vibration you feel when you let an arrow fly.

Quest Radical Right Hand Package, AP...

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  • Dual cam design absorbs shock
  • Draw weight can be adjusted from 15 to 70 pounds
  • Great for beginner archers


  • Made for right-handed users only

8. Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories model is constructed for different outdoor activities, such as practicing shooting, hunting, etc. This is possible thanks to its size that makes it suitable for even the youngest archers who can count on a minimum draw weight of only 30 pounds to practice without stress.

The pulley system of this item allows it to deliver greater speed to the arrow (296 feet per second) and you’ll be able to obtain better accuracy in your shooting. Another advantage is given by its compact dimensions and light weight, making it safe and easy to transport with less space.

Also, you can disassemble the bow before transportation to protect it from any form of damage. This is very useful when you go hunting in the woods as you’ll find it more manageable. It features several accessories responsible for improving bow’s performance.

Considering the design, it is manufactured with high-quality material, with an ergonomically shaped grip for comfortable handling. This makes it suitable for those looking to have a happy hunting experience and beginners who are looking to get started with the hunting adventure.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs...

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  • Easy to set up
  • Light in weight
  • Very versatile
  • Draw weight and length are easy to adjust


  • Not suitable for experienced archers

9. Predator Archery

This model of a compound bow is manufactured by the Predator Archery and fully machined with aluminum to ensure its long-lasting use. The draw weight is adjustable from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 70 pounds and the adjustable draw length is between 24.5 to 30 inches to ensure easy reach of your targets.

This makes it safe and easy to use at low draws by beginners who are yet to improve muscle mass and at high draws by the experienced archers. Its handle is ergonomically shaped with a grip that makes it more comfortable and firm to hold.

From the aesthetic point of view, it does not disappoint, with high-quality materials used in its construction. Its compact design makes it extremely safe and easy to transport without damaging it and it can be used by both experts and beginner archers.

The bow is light in weight at less than 7.1 pounds. It also helps younger bowers to develop good drawing skills. If you’re looking to practice target shooting with bow and arrow yourself or you’re a professional looking to have a great hunting adventure on your next expedition, this compound bow is a suitable option thanks to its precision and comfortable handling.

SWA Raptor (Black, Right Hand)

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  • Delivers precise shooting
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Made of durable and high-quality material


  • Doesn’t come with a stand

10. Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 has been the go-to choice for adults that are just entering the world of these amazing bows. This is possible thanks to its easy to adjust draw weight and length that deliver an accurate shooting plus the fact that it’s comfortable to handle.

This item is light in weight, so you’ll find it easy to carry around. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you’ll find it comfortable to hold the draw, even at maximum, thus allowing the arrow to go through your intended target.

It is easy to set up and features several accessories, including peep sight, quiver, wrist wrap, stabilizer, a sick reticle with a night wrist wrap, a sick reticle with a night illumination feature and nook. These tools are responsible for facilitating your shooting adventure.

With a weight of 3 pounds, it will deliver an arrow shoot of 315 feet per second for easy reach of your target. The load distribution is reliable, thanks to the limb shape unique design.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow...

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  • Light in weight
  • Easy to adjust
  • Accurate


  • Grip is a bit narrow

11. Barnett Tomcat

If you’re within the age range of 8 to 12 with background knowledge of archery or you’re just approaching it for the first time, Barnett Compound Bow is a perfect fit for your needs. This is possible thanks to its ability to allow you to take one step at a time in progressing with your archery skills.

Considering the design, it has a sturdy construction and is a right-handed version only. It is made of a high-quality and long-lasting material and constructed up to Archery Manufacturers’ Association (AMO) and Archery Trade Association (ATA) standards.

Among its advantages is the possibility of modifying the draw weight from 19 pounds to a maximum of 30 pounds at a little to no noise level. Along with the bow, the package also comes with several accessories to facilitate the progress without too much effort.

By opting for this compound bow, you’ll have at your disposal a bow that will adapt to your child’s progress, thus giving him/her the opportunity to practice with an adjustable draw weight before proceeding to an advanced bow.

BARNETT Tomcat 2 Compound Bow,...

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  • Well constructed
  • Pocket friendly
  • Ideal for bow fishing


  • Packaged arrows are cheaply made

12. PSE Mini Burner

If you’re not sure about which compound bow to buy for your child and you’re willing to spend more, PSE Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow will fully meet your needs. It is suitable for young archers who are looking to perfect their shooting skills.

This shooting instrument is, in fact, able to develop a maximum draw weight of 40 with high precision. When set to the lowest draw settings, this item still delivers a speedy shooting.

With dimensions of 35.8 x 12.5 x 4 inches and a weight of 6.03 pounds, this unit is very light, so you don’t have to worry about how to hold it and it is constructed with high-quality materials.

The product package is completed with several accessories, including 3 Pin Sight, Arrow Rest, 5-Arrow quiver, 6″ Stabilizer and 3-Carbon Arrow. Thus, you’ll have enough tools to have fun and train without the need to purchase other accessories immediately.

PSE ARCHERY, Mini Burner Compound Bow,...

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  • Perfect for improving the shooting technique of young archers
  • Maximum draw weight of 40 pounds for an easy and accurate reach of distant targets
  • Made of high-quality and durable material


  • Expensive

13. Compound Bow Topoint

Compound Bow Topoint is one of the best compound bows currently in the market thanks to its suitability for both beginners and those who are experienced in archery but are shopping for good equipment with adjustable power.
This compound bow is equipped with pulleys that allow you to modify the load, as well as reduce the stress in the rope tension. Also, it can be used for hunting thanks to the precision and accuracy it offers, thus protecting you from potentially dangerous prey like wild boar and deer.

You can gradually adjust two pulley sets from 19 to 70 pounds when you start to have a good technique and want to test your ability. It features several accessories to help you improve your shooting skills, thus eliminating the need to purchase extra parts.

As of the materials, it is of high-quality and the body is extremely resistant to heavy-duty use. It has a compact design and is comfortable to handle and the aesthetic design is really captivating. This unit adapts to the needs of beginners and experienced archers who are aiming to purchase a new bow.

TOPOINTARCHERY M1 Compound Bow Package ,...

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  • Safe to operate
  • Delivers long range and precise shot
  • Easy to adjust the draw length and draw weight


  • Bowstring is a bit hard

Attachments for Compound Bows

Whisker Biscuit

It refers to a pack of bristles which keep arrows in place. However, it permits the fletching arranged on the arrow to fly through the bristles unnoticed. It looks just like an arrow rest that’s great for shooting targets.

Drop Away

Drop away maintains the arrow in an upright position as the string is pulled, it falls down and the arrow launch and projects forward.

Release Aids

This is an add-on that helps in grouping ranging from consistency to accurate shot placement. It eases the process of pulling the bow conveniently even as you wait in full draw of the string.

Best Compound Bow Brands

Precision Shooting Equipment

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) ranks as the biggest archery manufacturing firm in the United States. The company has catered for the concerns of all classes of archers with this versatile piece. The company is based in Tucson, Arizona and they have efficient customer service and dealers.


Making a one-in-town bow in 2005, Bowtech hit the market with a 315 FPS compound bow. They, later on, they made an RPM 360 piece whose arrow speed is also 360 FPS. Bowtech equally made the Diamond Series of their compound bow, a low-cost, professional bow for real-time game hunting. Fairly cheaper than others.


Matt McPherson commenced the production of top-quality calm bows in the 1970s. Later in the 1990s, Matthews made the solo cam bow, a quiet and easy to tune compound bow which also includes features that make it very accurate in shots. They understand the hunter’s concerns and patterned their product after the consumer’s need. They also have a responsive customer service center.


This product ranks as the best in terms of competition and hunting expedition. When used with the most accurate crossbows tested, Hoyt compound bow stands out as a high-quality product, an indispensable tool in the hand of expert archers. This carbon-made bow, although a bit pricey, is a choice tool for most wealthy archers. Besides, the customer service is excellent and it can be gotten from any non-sponsored pro-shop.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to compound bows, spending more actually does not imply getting more quality. If proper research is not carried out, you might end up spending more to get an inferior product. It takes a careful analysis of the products in the market vis-à-vis understanding the essential components and use of the compound bow before a prudent purchase decision can be made. That is why a buyer guide like this article is very essential for anyone.

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Compound Bows

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Compound Bows



Frequently Asked Questions

Even when you’ve got essential hunting tools such as a comfortable climbing tree stand for long waiting while hunting, you still have some questions you will like to ask before buying your compound bow. Here is a compilation of some of them.

How fast can an arrow shot from a compound bow go?

Conventionally, bows made in tune part have only struggled to attain a speed of 180 FPS, however, the swiftest shooting-specific bows made have been able to launch up to some 370 FPS. The feet per second unit is the IBO standard of measuring bow arrow speed.

How can I determine draw length?

More often than not, the draw length is usually gauged in inches. Begin by gauging the wingspan if you want to know the draw length. More recently, compound bows are usually the adjustable ones, as such, you should be focused on getting a bow that doesn’t exceed an inch of your wingspan.

How does draw length impact accuracy?

A short draw length will result in low accuracy of shots because it is likely to lose track of reference point while aiming. An excessively-long draw length can result in a bad shooting firm and wrong back posture because one might tend to bend the head to the back a little.

How is arrow length measured?

You can determine the length of your arrow by measuring the longest groove of your nock to the end of the shafts. Arrow length should exclude the point or insert.

How long should your arrows be?

Do you seek a broadhead for all kinds of crossbows? Then you should mind the length of your arrows too, and this is a function of your draw length. It is not advisable that you buy an arrow which is shorter than your draw length. You can get an arrow that is longer than the draw length by a few inches.

How long will it take me to become a good archer?

Certainly, we can’t get the same response for two individuals as pertaining to this question. However, just as with any other game, the idea is ‘practice makes perfect’. The more time you devote to the practice, the better you become over time. It is advisable that you solicit help from a professional instructor to speed-up your learning process.


There are so many great bows out there for you to try using. While I think that any of these bows would do well, I’m thinking that I might do best with the Prime Logic. The bow is very adjustable and I’ll be able to get the draw length just right for me as well as adjust the other parts of the bow. Even though it’s more expensive, the let off is also attractive to me.

But what I want and what you need aren’t always the same. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get out there and find a bow that will work with you. Just make sure that you follow some of the advice that we have given you. Then you’ll be able to really find the best bow for the purpose that you want.

Choosing the right compound bow for you can be a very tedious job. Whenever you are looking for the most ideal compound bow for you, consider your personal need and your budget too. There is quite a broad range of options available in the market that will make a good bow for the money.

Additionally, you can opt for apps for hunting that work on every phone to enhance your search. With this, you can be guaranteed a good compound bow that will perfectly suit your purpose; competition, hunting or any other purpose.

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